Short poem on importance of values in life.

short post on importance of value in life

Thought of the day

#reputation, #character,#personality What is Reputationā€¦?What do people understand and appreciate about you? What is Personality..?What you appear or seem to beā€¦What is characterā€¦?What you really and truly are. So Always focus on your character.Good morning and have a nice day.šŸŒ·šŸ™

Regarding Courtesy in life

#courtesy Nothing is ever lost by courtesy. It is the cheapest of pleasures,cost nothing and conveys much.It pleases him who gives and receives and thus ,like mercy ,he is twice blessed. Erastus Wiman

Men often become what they believe themselves to be.If I believe I can not do something,it makes me incapable of doing it.But when I believe I can,then I acquire the ability to do it,even if I did not have it in the beginning. -Mahatma Gandhi

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Real success in life…….!

"To me, success is the ongoing process of striving to become more. It is an opportunity to continually grow emotionally, socially, spiritually, physiologically, intellectually,and financially,while contributing in some positive ways to others." Anthony Robbins

Thought of the day.

#courage Be positive in life.Have inner courage and strength in all adverse situation and circumstances.look and search for light in deep darkness because the word IMPOSSIBLE itself says that I M (AM) POSSIBLE. Praakash Inspiration Thanks

Advantages of early retirement

#retirement Post is uploaded from WhatsApp message,so credit goes to unknown writer A study by Dr. Ephrem Cheng, a leading American scholar, on the relationship between life expectancy and retirement age ( Age at Retirement Vs Life Span) The investigation report. The report netted several pension plans for U.S. supermajority groups, including Boeing, AT&T and … Continue reading Advantages of early retirement

Concept of group dynamics

#team, #group, #group dynamics ā€œBefore becoming an astronaut, I was a helicopter pilot, but realized my skills, got trained and entered the field of space engineering. I appeal you to know your skills, your comfort zone and your position in the organization to make you successful and you will also become an asset to your … Continue reading Concept of group dynamics

Short story regarding importance of ethics and values in life.

ā‚¹7 ! The Nobel Laureate Prof. C. V. Raman after retirement wished to open a Research Institute in Bangalore. So he gave an advertisement in the newspapers for recruiting three physicists. Lots of eager Scientists applied thinking that even if they were not selected, they would at least get an opportunity to meet the Nobel … Continue reading Short story regarding importance of ethics and values in life.

Books are true friends….!

Show me a man's home library,The type of books that he reads,And I will better know the character of the man.With considerable accuracy,I will be able to look far into his future,as well!Self-help and motivational books,which serve as stepping stones to higher ideals and nobler purposes in life,are,by the most precious aids in all human … Continue reading Books are true friends….!