Yog revolution and it’s role in today’s challenging world.

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In today’s competitive world and challenging environment stress is inevitable and which is responsible for many Psychiatric and Medical illness. The Psychiatric illness are anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, panic disorder, bronchial asthma etc and important Medical illness are diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and coronary heart disease. Because of this stress is considered is one of the important cause of global death and illness and Yoga has very positive role in combating stress and rejuvenating life.Layman people are most of the time confused with the terminology Yoga. But Yoga means combination of Pranayam, Asan and Meditation. How do Yoga, Pranayam, Asana and Meditation would help to counter the stress? Before looking at the answer lets understands the basic definition of these terms. In simple words, the science and art of breathing, posture and concentration is known as Pranayam, Asan and Meditation respectively. And…

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  1. It is true, today all world major problem is psychiatry disorder, so yoga is help full in out routine life, thanks sir for sharing. Very nice


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