Article on creativity of subconscious mind.

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

God has given us two is conscious mind and second is subconscious mind.As we are aware about power of subconscious mind.The greatest discoveries, invention and research of centuries are thankful to subconscious mind.consciouness mind is analytical has power of discretion whereas subconscious mind is blind follower of the commands and instructions given by consciousness mind.It understand the language of visualisation and autosuggestions.From our childhood till our teens we are listening and revising the short and sweet story of “Aladdin and Gin”.The moral of the story is that “Gin” is blind follower of order and instructions given by “Aladdin”.The analogy of this story is that your consciousness mind is “Aladdin” and your subconscious mind is “Gin”(blind follower).The lessons of present post is that always be aware of your present thoughts,ideas and actions because our subconscious mind always try to turn them into reality.This is reason why positive thinking,inspiration,reading spiritual book,company of good people,meditation,yoga,pranayam and positive activity and task are most essential and crucial in journey of life to have lots of positivity and energy and turn your dreams into reality.

OK friends by for now and Thanks for reading the post and sparing your precious time and have positivity in life.

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