Seven impressive qualities of highly successful leaders

Leadership is not power, dominance, social superiority or anything suggestive of snobbery. Leadership is influence on people, not power over them.”

Dimock And Dimock

Effective and strategic leadership is essential for success of any organization like (e.g. corporate, government, social, N.G.O, religious, sect, institute, campaign and movement).The aim of leadership is to achieve the Goals, targets and objectives of an organization. Person becomes the leader or assign the critical role of “leadership” according to demand of situation, circumstances, need of an organization, to promote or revolt any cause. There are many qualities of leaders which are essential for success of any organization but among them following are most crucial for achieving the success.

1. They have good expert power, subject knowledge (specialize knowledge, skills, critical information) and referent power (personal characteristics that leader possess for his followers and see him as their role model)

2. They create the vision of an organization, make followers to realize and achieve the vision in mission mode. They lift organizational member vision to higher sights, raise performance to higher standards .There main aim is directing and coordinating group activities. They influence the behavior of others in positive way and channelize the energy of their subordinate to 100% for success of organization.

3. They have very good communication,listening,interpersonal skills,work and deal well with all types of people in organization.

4. They have very good “presence of mind” and “sense of humor” in any situation and circumstances. True leaders are “down to earth” and well versed with the “ground reality” of the cause, organization or movement.

5. They have fair, balanced and rational decision making and never take sides.

6. There are different types of leadership. One is leadership of position (where leader hold official position to give orders and instructions).second is leadership of personality (where leader hold forceful personal and extraordinary characteristics and attitude) and third is one, which is crucial to success of an organization is functional (which is one where leader has good position and excellent personality)

7. Respect juniors as much as seniors. leader has high self confidence ,self esteem and is ready to admit his limitations and errors.Most Impressing about their leadership style is that in case of victory and success they give credit to their team members and in case of failure held themselves responsible.

Leadership means influencing and energizing the action of others and brings about transformational change in the life of people and existence of an organization in direction of Goal. Lastly I would like to end this article with famous quote of “Terry”- The leadership qualities are “energy ,emotional stability,knowledge of human realtions,personal motivation,communication skills,teaching skills ,social skills and technical competence.”

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