Eternal happiness…!

” I am rich, fit, and I have mastered almost everything I wanted to master. Why am I still not happy and still not satisfied?” –

“Human happiness (as we know it) is caused by 4 basic chemicals:


* On your journey to become fit, your body released endorphins to cope with the pain of physical exercise.You probably began to enjoy exercise as you got into it, and the endorphins made you happy – temporarily.
* On your journey to become rich, you probably completed many tasks and goals.
You probably bought all the things you’ve ever wanted. Nice cars, beautiful clothes, and a perfect home.This released dopamine in your brain when you achieved your goals and bought these things, which once again contributed to your happiness – temporarily.
So what about the other two chemicals?
It turns out that human happiness is incomplete without all 4 chemicals constantly being released in the brain.
So now you need to work on releasing serotonin and oxytocin.
“How do I do that?”
*Serotonin is released when we act in a way that benefits others. When we give to causes beyond ourselves and our own benefit. When we connect with people on a deep, human level.
Writing this answer is releasing serotonin in my brain right now because I’m using my precious time on the weekend to give back to others for free.
Hopefully I’m providing useful information that can help other people, like yourself.
That’s why you often see billionaires turning to charity when they have already bought everything they wanted to, and experienced everything they wanted to in life.
They’ve had enough dopamine from material pleasures, now they need the serotonin.
*Oxytocin on the other hand, is released when we become close to another human being.
When we hug a friend,or shake someone’s hand, oxytocin is released in varying amounts.
Oxytocin is easy to release. It’s all about becoming more social!
Share your wealth with your friends and family to create amazing experiences.
Laugh, love, cooperate, and play with others.
That’s it my friend!
I think it all comes down to the likelihood that you are missing two things: contribution and social connection”

(I think it’s brilliant, and I am also getting my dose of Serotonin 😊)

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