Regarding your actions.

“Into the hands of every individual is given a marvelous power for good or evil- the silent,unconscioius,unseen influence of his life.This is simply the constant radiation of what really is,not what he pretends to be.” William George Jordan

Principles and practice of optimistic and creative thinking – understanding the power of consciousness and subconscious mind

“We are what we think All that we are arises Without thoughts, With our thoughts, We make our world.” -The Buddha Human brain is most amazing and precious gift from cosmic-consciouness. It is chief center of all our creation, memory, emotions, thoughts, thinking, and analytical process. It will remain…

Seven effective ways of building high self-esteem in life

“Believe in yourself” ‘’Action seems to follow feeling,but really action and feeling go together; and by regulating the action, which is under the more direct control of the will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling, which is not’’. William James, American philosopher and Psychologist (1842-1910) Dear friends welcome to world of “science and inspiration”.My soleContinue reading “Seven effective ways of building high self-esteem in life”