Regarding book review of “Seven habits of highly effective people”-stephen covey.

“The lessons outlined in The 7 habits of highly effective people are an important guide to success. This book is one of the top-selling books of the all-time for a reason. The success I have had in swimming and in life is credited to a similar proactive, goal setting approach-Dream, plan, Reach.Through my foundation’s programming, we recognize the power of dreams and stress management of executing a detailed plan to propel you towards your goals.”

Michael Phelps, Olympic swimmer, Gold Medallist

One of class book that I have read in my life. Stephen is talking about sound value based principle in his write up with exclusive focus on self-improvement. Wheather you are working in corporate world, government sector, small firm, or wherever you are, the concepts of books are applicable everywhere. Writer has highlighted and quoted many of his personal and professional experiences in this book which increases the credibility and message of the book. Written in friendly conversational tone with clarity on every principle. Stephen is considered as top influential leader and person by many organizations and news agency. Dear friends if time permit, please go through it.


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