Seven effective ways of building high self-esteem in life

“Believe in yourself”

  • ‘’Action seems to follow feeling,but really action and feeling go together; and by regulating the action, which is under the more direct control of the will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling, which is not’’.
    William James, American philosopher and Psychologist (1842-1910)

  • Dear friends welcome to world of “science and inspiration”.My sole aim and goal of writing is to give information to my readers on positive psychology and optimistic thinking. Today I will going to discuss and highlight about most important dimension of life i.e. self-esteem or self-respect,how it develops? How does it influences in our life? I know you probably have a clear understanding and thinking about the term but let’s start from the basics anyway. The dictionary meaning of self-esteem is what you feel about yourself, confidence in your worth or abilities. It is a favorable thinking and opinion about oneself. In others words “self respect” is nothing but variety of positive and negative feeling, emotions and behavior about oneself. Too little self-esteem is many times responsible for failure,depression and hopelessness in life.High positive Self esteem is essential elements for achievement, motivation and inspiration in life. Success and failure in life many times depend on what you feel and think about yourself.According to famous Psychologist Abraham Maslow’s self-esteem is basic human need for self-development and self-motivation.

  • When we experience happiness and positivity in life, our energy and mood level goes high, productivity increases and our relationships with others improves. High self esteem means you have courage,confidence in your capabilities and you believe that you can achieve the goal. High positive high self-esteem is most crucial, indispensable key determinants for success, progress and development in life.
  • How to build high positive self-esteem in life?
    1. One of the best ways of building high self-esteem is to do something for those who cannot repay you in cash or kind. Take for example, Volunteering a blood donation or medical camp, providing services in flood relief and other humanitarian task. I have personally volunteer many medical and blood donation camp and served in flood relief. Whenever we accomplish self-less social services, even if no one is observing or watching us, still we rise a little bit in front of our own conscience.
  • 2. Reading life history, biographies and autobiography of successful people. You will notice many ups and downs, struggles in their life journey. Many of them have turned and transform their adversities into opportunities.E.g.Abhram-Lincoln,Mahtam-Gandhi,swami-vivekananda,steve-jobes etc.
    3. Have a meaning goal in life.Because achievement of goal brings happiness in life and that will boost your self-esteem. Accept challenges and take risk, because the “Biggest risk in person’s life is person is not taking the risk”.
    4. Associate yourself with people of good quality if you esteem your reputation, for it is better be alone than to be in bad company.
    George Washington.
    Also there is great saying “A man is known by company he keeps”.
    5. Accept constructive criticism without taking it personally, with knowledge that they are essential for success and motivation.
    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    6. Keep yourself busy with constructive, creative and innovative task and hobbies.
  • 7. Respect and value other people and accept them as they are.
    Now it’s high time to stop this brainstorming exercise on self-esteem, but before that I would like to highlight and quote an inspirational and motivational case study. Karl Menninger was one of the famous and well known Psychiatrist of United states of America,he was also the founder of Menninger foundation. Once upon a time he was addressing the Question/Answer session of big audience.One of audience member asked him “if someone is having nervous breakdown and fellow will consult you,then what advice do you give him? As Dr karl Menninger was renowned psychiatrist,people in the audience thought that doctor would go for advice of medicines,hospitalization or shock therapy.But surprisingly Dr Menninger views was somewhat different, somewhat humanitarian, he advised the fellow to go on other sides of planet, help the anyone who is in dire need. In this way fellow would forget his pain and come out ,of nervous breakdown.
  • Dear friends, this is my opinion, understanding and thinking about self esteem. I hope you have gained some clarity on the subject and you will try this suggestions and recommendations to build your self-esteem.
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