Importance of Goal and Motivation in life – The secret key to success

  1. Have a meaning Goal in life and motivation follows you

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There are many qualities of successful people.One of the most impressive characteristics in their life journey is that they have clear cut understanding and thinking about their goal in life. Goals mean what you want in life or what is the ultimate aim of life. Why it is necessary to set goal, target, aim or vision in life…?

I would like to begin this article by short case study.As we know that during our childhood days when our parents are planning for circus visit,birthday celebration,zoo and fun-fair visit.As soon as these events are planned and date was fixed,we often feel excited,motivated, enthusiastic and happy. This was perfect example of Goal and motivation in our life.

Goal is nothing but the ultimate aim, desired result or outcome in life. -The word motivation comes from English word motive, which mean something that make someone to act or behave in a particular way. It is chief and sole reason for out action and behavior.

The word motivation comes from English word motive,which mean something that make someone to act or behave in a particular way.It is chief and sole reason for out action and behavior.

It is said that life without Goal is just like missile without any target or an unguided missile without any personal guidance system,you may never know which course (pathway) does it take or where it will going to hit.

Take the example of Helen Adam Keller, she was deaf-blind person has lots of challenges from childhood.With her strong will power and enthusiasm she has made a remarkable contribution to mankind.

As it is rightly said,

“Man is a goal-seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.”


We can set and design the Goal in our personal, professional, financial and social spheres.

Lots of research has been done to know which factors motivate in life to achieve the goal.These factors are

  1. Have a clear cut and well defined goal in life that motivates you to go ahead.

  2. When you discuss about your goal in life with your nearby and close friends,relatives and culling they will remind and motivates in direction of your destination and target.

  3. Another important crucial and transformational factor in achieving your goal in life is High positive self-esteem.Self-esteem in what you feel about yourself or its high positive self-oponoin and thinking about onself.Its is observed that successful person have very high positive self -esteem.

  4. Next to self-esteem the factor that motivates you in life is need for self-actulization.Its basically leveraging one’s abilities to reach to the their potential.Its inner motivation to realize one’s own highest potential and possibilities.

  5. Various studies have documented that peak performers in athlets,cricket and other sports have expertise in self-motivation through visualization and autosuggestions.(link)They do this constantly and repeatedly with focusing on their goal. It directly works on your subconscious mind and has demonstrated powerful results.(

  6. In order to stay motivated one must visit, revisit the goal every day. Pursue your goal with energy, enthusiasm,purpose and passion and motivation will follow you.

  7. Practice deep breathing exercise (Pranayam), meditation, yoga, prayer and other spiritual rituals that will help to stay focus on your vision.

Goal should be designed and devised in such a style that it would be challenge and source of inspiration,motivation for you.Achievement of goal, target and vision in life or moving in that direction will give you personal sense of well-being,achievement and happiness and raises your self-esteem in life. I would like to end this write up with famous saying

“Where the intention goes, Energy flows”.

Have and enthusiastic and meaningful goal in life.Dear friends,this is my opinion,understanding and thinking about “Goal and Motivation in life”.Tell me about your opinion and thinking in comment box below. I hope you have gained some clarity on the subject.My friend by for now, see you in next blog, Thanks for reading and sparing your precious time.Do give your comment in comment section of blog and share this information with other friends on face book, whatsapp, twitter and link din.

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