Value of time – lessons through time management

Warm welcome to my bogging site.Dear friends,today I am going to discuss and brainstorm about most common,simple but crucial topic of life,that everybody is telling and guiding us from our school,college days and in personel and professional sphere,i.e.wealth (Time) management.

I have deliberately written wealth management because time is most precious and important gift by God which is once wasted cannot be recovered back.

Its just like river which is continuously flowing without waiting for anyone.

Time is greatest healer,

Time is killer.

Time is best medicine for any wound.

To know the importance of one year..?

Ask a student who doest not cracked the exam..!

To know the value of one month…?

Ask a mother who delivered a premature baby.

What is signifigance of one week..?

Listen and probe to the editor of weekly newspaper..?

To know the significance of one hour…?

Ask the lovers…!

To know the precious and transformative value of one milliseconds…?

Ask the person who has won the medal in Olympics.

So be smart in time management,so don’t waste,just invest in right place,time and person.As money is wisely reallocated in life,in the same way time factor should be smartly and carefully reallocated in life.

Thanks for reading,tell me about your opinion and thinking in comment box below.

OK,friends by for now.

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