Helping the unknown


Do you know what is suspended_coffee?
A woman giving money at a restaurant counter in Norway and told,
“Five coffee, two suspended”. Gave money for five coffees and carried three cups of coffee.
Another came and ordered,
“Ten coffee, five suspended” He paid for ten and grabbed five coffees.
And another ordered,
“Five meals, two suspended” He paid for five meals and took three lunch packets.
An old man for a while, came to the counter with shabby clothes.
“Any suspended coffee?” He asked.
The woman at the counter said, “Yes,” and served a cup of hot coffee.
As soon as another bearded man came in and asked “Any Suspended Meals”.? The man at the counter gave a parcel of hot rice and a bottle of water.
Helping the unknown poor even without knowing their face, is the kind of humanity.
What is remarkable is that, this good act has come to a country in Europe and is spreading throughout the world.
Hope we too can grow to this level.

Post is received from WhatsApp message so credit goes to unknown writer.