Inspirational gems (books) for spiritual upliftment in journey of yog

#inernationalyogday,#meditation “knowledge is Power but applied knowledge is superpower“ Western world for first time came to know about about “Yog and it’s philosophy” when Sawami vivekananda delivered many speeches on “Rajyog ” in his visit to U.S.A and other European countries.Secondly book by Paul brunton “In quest of secret india” near India’s independence brought lotsContinue reading “Inspirational gems (books) for spiritual upliftment in journey of yog”

Concepts of Patanjali Yog Sutras-Fundamentals of YOG.(image credit-Image

This article gives you an insight into fundamental of Patanjali yog sutras

Yog revolution and it’s role in today’s challenging world.

#yoga,#pranayam,#asan,#meditation, #stressmanagement,#psychiatricilleness, #medicalillenessandyoga Rejuvenating life and combating stress by Yoga In today‚Äôs competitive world and challenging environment stress is inevitable and which is responsible for many Psychiatric and Medical illness. The Psychiatric illness are anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, panic disorder, bronchial asthma etc and important Medical illness are diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and coronary heartContinue reading “Yog revolution and it’s role in today’s challenging world.”