Yog revolution and it’s role in today’s challenging world.




Rejuvenating life and combating stress by Yoga

In today’s competitive world and challenging environment stress is inevitable and which is responsible for many Psychiatric and Medical illness. The Psychiatric illness are anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, panic disorder, bronchial asthma etc and important Medical illness are diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and coronary heart disease. Because of this stress is considered is one of the important cause of global death and illness and Yoga has very positive role in combating stress and rejuvenating life.



Layman people are most of the time confused with the terminology Yoga. But Yoga means combination of Pranayam, Asan and Meditation. How do Yoga, Pranayam, Asana and Meditation would help to counter the stress? Before looking at the answer lets understands the basic definition of these terms. In simple words, the science and art of breathing, posture and concentration is known as Pranayam, Asan and Meditation respectively. And synchronization and Integration of all the three is what is known as Yoga.


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The scientific explanations which can be given to relieve the stress are numerous but among them the most common are following. During Pranayam there is deep breathing which results in increase in the concentration of oxygen in blood, there are many anti-oxidants like Vitamin A,D,E,K but among them oxygen itself is best anti-oxidant which delays degenerative changes and prolonged youth. Doing Pranayam for longer duration there is activation of autonomic nervous system of body (i.e.vagus nerve-which has calm down effect) which results in control of Blood Pressure, Diabetes and bronchial asthma. There is decrease in the concentration of stress chemical (hormone) cortisol in blood noticed and more important among these is there is release of various relaxing neurotransmitters (e.g.melatonin, dopamine) in brain observed during meditation. There is also positive behavior change and increase self awareness recognized in people regularly practicing Pranayam and meditation. So person can easily handle psychological stress at workplace and become more adjustable and cooperative in society. The best time for Yoga practice is early morning and evening and in the beginning this art of Yoga must be learnt under the supervision of experienced teacher. The Practitioners of yoga experiences the positive effects right from the beginning and they feel relaxed, calm, thoughtless, feels life pleasant and full of energy.


Because of above mentioned advantages and scientific explanations many countries of world, civil society, Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations, Corporate Organizations are advocating and recommending the Yoga in Day to Day life Practice. There are examples of many well known Persons who are Practicing Yoga and Meditation in their routine life.E.g. Late Steve jobs, CEO of Apple Company practicing Zen meditation. So it can be concluded that this yoga system of medicine which has originated in India has tremendonous and transformational role in changing the life of millions. Taking the lessons from us, many countries of western world has recognized its importance and has incorporated in its life style.

The most important and positive advantage of this system is that it can be practiced by anyone irrespective of any race, religion, cast and country and without any harm or side effects. Finally last but not least stress and happiness are two sides of same coin and Yoga is most cost effective, scientific and efficient remedy for relieving stress in present day life. (Author can be contacted on drpc1997@gmail.com)

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19 thoughts on “Yog revolution and it’s role in today’s challenging world.

  1. blog is informative. Is there any scientific research, survey and analysis on the effectiveness of yoga.
    Though it is said to be less costly compared to other ways of keeping healthy mind and body, but where to get the professional coaching for yoga? Again this may be costly. Further, daily we may have to spare sizable time also. Though there is no doubt that the yoga will be very useful.


  2. Yes sir this is the best motivational blog for making yoga a part of the life and have a stressless and healthy life ….which is very needful in today’s life …


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