Inspirational gems (books) for spiritual upliftment in journey of yog


“knowledge is Power but applied knowledge is superpower

Western world for first time came to know about about “Yog and it’s philosophy” when Sawami vivekananda delivered many speeches on “Rajyog ” in his visit to U.S.A and other European countries.Secondly book by Paul brunton “In quest of secret india” near India’s independence brought lots of awareness in many countries of the world.

Some of the evergreen books on indian yogi

  1. Autobiography of Yogi – paramhans yogandand
  2. Living with Himalayan masters- swami ram
  3. An apprentice in Himalayas by Shree M
  4. Journey begins -by Shree M
  5. ગેબી ગિરનાર ભાગ ૧ અને ૨- અનંત રાવલ
  6. યોગી હરનાથના સાનિધ્યમાં – મકરંદ દવે
  7. ભારતના આધ્યાત્મિક રહસ્યની ખોજમાં – Paul brunton
  8. Hermit in the Himalayas by Paul brunton
  9. રાજ યોગ – સ્વામી વિવેકાનંદ
  10. Pranavtattav yoganubhatti by -siddh Yogi vibhakar pandaya.
  11. Kundalini by vibhakar pandaya

12.‌ ચિત્તશક્તિ વિલાસ -સ્વામી મુક્તાનંદ

  1. ધ્યાન, સુખ-શાંતિ અને સ્વર્ગ‌ – બી આર કટારા સર

Kindly go through above books. These book will surely increase and expand your horizons about philosophy of yog. Yog is matter of regular and constant practice under the guidance of qualified and experience yoga teacher.
Thanks 🙏.I hope this information will surely help you.