Principles and practice of optimistic and creative thinking – understanding the power of consciousness and subconscious mind

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“We are what we think
All that we are arises
Without thoughts,
With our thoughts,
We make our world.”
-The Buddha

Human brain is most amazing and precious gift from cosmic-consciouness. It is chief center of all our creation, memory, emotions, thoughts, thinking, and analytical process. It will remain a subject of deep quest and mystery for researcher, psychologist, psychiatrist, mentalist, mind-body interventionists and behavior modulator.It’s basically soft copy of cosmic creation. For effective functioning of the human system both hard and soft disk should function well. Dear friends,today in this article I will try to highlight and discuss about various functions of brain, types of mind, right and left brain and various interventions to harness the power of this “soft copy”.

I would like to begin this article with short fictional story of our childhood days, which we repeatedly hear from our teachers, TV episode and various books. It was the story of “Aladdin” (Master) and “Gin” (Servant).As we all know that “Gin” is fulfilling all the wishes, dreams and desires of “Aladdin” just by blindly following the orders, instructions and commands.As you sharply observed and noticed that “the servant” is just blindly following the order of Master. Using the reference and analogy of this short story, it is believed and said that your consciouness mind is just like Master (Aladdin) and your subconsciouness Mind is just like as “Gin” (servant).Just be careful about your present thinking process, thought and actions because subconsciouness mind is always working to make it reality. This could be one of reason that, why many religious scriptures and teachings are asking you to remain vigilant about your present thoughts and actions because the “servant” is always trying to turn them into facts. So what was a fictional story of our childhood days is now an inspirational story and message.

In other words subconscious mind is like automobile and consciouness mind is like driver, the energy to move is with automobile but control to choose direction is with driver. The moral of story is that subconsciouness mind can work for you or can work against you according to instructions of consciouness mind. Now this was story about consciouness and subconsciouness mind.

Anatomically human brain is divided into cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem.
Brain stem control and regulates the message from the senses and control breathing and heart rate. Next to it is
Cerebellum- It is like “cauliflower” structure and it is center for muscle movement, muscle coordination and muscle memory. Again the story of brain does not end here.
At top of cerebellum is cerebral cortex. Cerebral cortex is also divided into right and left hemisphere or right and left brain. Left hemisphere is more logical and verbal and Right is more intuitive and creative. Left deals with words, analysis (to understand anything we require breaking down the information) and Right brain deals with images, pictures and synthesis. (To perceive the information and thing in wholeness).left is time bound and right brain has no limits of time.

Creativity and thinking of children, researcher, scientist, writer, painter, latest innovations in science and technology, all the past invention and discovery are thankful to right brain and subconsciouness mind.

Cerebral cortex is also the site for emotion, thinking process and memory. It is also responsible for how we think and feel about ourselves which has direct impact on our self image, self-confidence, creativity, behavior, personality and attitude in life. One important point that I would like to highlight is that every experience of life creates a memory with an emotional association. If our emotional memories of failure are powerful and strong then chances are there that in case of new challenge and task the probability of failure is high. This could be the reason why so much significance and importance is given to positive thinking and increased self awareness about oneself. Apart from this there are other structures like amygdala, thalamus, hippocampus, hypothalamus (It regulates the hormonal secretion of the body) and pituitary which regulates the brain function but are beyond the discussion. Now it was all about consciouness, subconsciouness mind, right and left brain and various functions of the brain.
Now I would like to switch over to various time tested measures and method suggested and recommended by psychologist, psychiatrist and behaviour modulator for effective functioning of consciouness and subconsciouness mind and to overcome negative thinking in life. They are
1. Increased your self-awareness by regular practice of deep breathing exercise, meditation, Pranayam, prayer, practice of silence, covenants, scripture study, empathy and compassion. Self awareness is nothing but awareness about oneself, surrounding environment and people. Self awareness leads to awakening of “conscience”-which is nothing but deeper understanding of what is right and wrong. On long run it will help in growing independent will and rational decision making.2. Positive affirmation and autosuggestions-These are positive statement design to make what type of person you are. They should be in present tense, visual and emotional. It is basically nothing but harnessing the power of right brain. These autosuggestions are nothing but instructions to your consciouness and subconsciouness mind, which in long run bring about a positive behavior change and transformational attitude in life. E.g. positive autosuggestion and affirmation are, I inspire and motivate myself and others, I am cool and calm, I am committed to self-help as well as helping others
3. Visualization- Many studies in the field of psychology has strongly documented that many of world class athletes and other peak performers are visualizers.Before the actual event they mentally rehearse the performance many times in their mind.
Visualization must be accompanied by positive affirmations and autosuggestions.
Now I would like to end this article with famous quote of Rene Descartes (1596-1650)-
“It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well”.Dear friends, this is my opinion, understanding and thinking about consciouness, subconsciouness mind,right and left brain, creative and logical thinking. Tell me about your opinion and thinking in comment box below. I hope you have gained some clarity on the subject. My friend by for now, see you in next blog, Thanks for reading the blog and sparing your precious time. Do give your comments in comment section of blog and share this information with other friends on face book, whatsapp, twitter and link din.
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  1. Dear sir ,
    Really good description ….hearttouching blog and really very easy way to make us understand the conscious and subconscious mind ….Thanks for your grand endeavor…..

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  2. Dear sir
    Acording me it very useful for every person to understand regarding conious and subconscious mind
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  3. A great post full of informations. You explained very nicely. I believe that chanting mantras are also a type of
    Positive affirmations and autosuggestions.
    I would like to share this post. Hope you wouldn’t mind.

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  4. Inspirational thoughts from an inspiring personality…very good article written by Dr. Prakash, which aptly suits current scenario in the society.

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  5. The examples given here were really found to be working…words were put in such a way that every sentence gives much definite facts…After spending some time reading this article, I feel now to spend some time for me,within me ..The ideas and concept of concious and sub-concious state were great…Thank you Sir for this great article…


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