Art of criticism and fault finding


The wonderful art of criticism

“જ્યાં જાય ઉકો, ત્યાં દરિયો સુકો” ‌ ‌

This is the chief hallmark and ideal characteristic of people with negative thinking.

They are God gifted.

The pessimistic people are not happy with any thing in life

They can find fault in anything that is good and worth.

They have done PhD in criticism.

If you sharply observe and notice that, there is no such school, college or institutions offering such types of courses on “Criticism” still people learn and acquired this skill automatically.

But we must express our gratitude and thanks to them because whatever we are today and this world is because of such criticizer.

If they are not there, we haven’t progressed and developed so much.

These types of people can find fault in anything.

They have very good expertise in criticism.

There art of pessimism is really incredible.

For example,If you show and give them an article about elephant and it’s bravery, understanding and etc.

And if you ask criticiser about such an article and about expert opinions…..?

Can you guess …?

what would be the answer..?

reply or analysis of negative Thinker..?

As I have already discussed and said,

that these people can find fault in anything.

And there answer and reactions would be like this,

“Elephant is intelligent and smart creature on this planet but it can’t fly”

So this is there beautiful thinking …..!

They are always ready to help you and doing your marketing.

last but not least ,please thank them for there tremendous support and help.

Your existence, survival and prestige is because of them only.

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