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Photo by Guilherme Almeida on Pexels.com

The sound of laughter is an ocean
Where joy has drowned itself in
And looking at teeth bared not in threat
But in an attitude of happiness
Always gladdens the soul

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Value of Ethics in life

Post is uploaded from what app message so credit goes to unknown writer #ethics,#workplace, ₹7 ! The Nobel Laureate Prof. C. V. Raman after retirement wished to open a Research Institute in Bangalore. So he gave an advertisement in the newspapers for recruiting three physicists. Lots of eager Scientists applied thinking that even if they … Continue reading Value of Ethics in life

What's the size of God? A boy asked the father: What’s the size of God?_ Then the father looked up to the sky and seeing an airplane asked the son: What’s the size of that airplane? The boy answered: It’s very small. I can barely see it.Next the father took him to the airport and … Continue reading