Law of moderation – The ultimate guide to success

This article gives you an insight into importance of law of moderation ( Madhyam marg or middle path in life)

Life management through management of present.

#present,#stressmanagement,#time, meditation mage There was great saying which states that “Time is best medicine for any wound”.For most of us either we live in past or future and never focus and concentrate on present.Most of the time we ignore our present moment.But as we know that past is the history, future is the mysteryContinue reading “Life management through management of present.”

Nine tips to fight against “COVID-19”

#covid19,#coronavirus,#coronastress, #auryvedictreatment, #pranayamoncovid, “Knowledge is power,but applied knowledge is superpower”.UnknownDear friends as “COVID 19” has been progressive in many part of world.My aim is to write down the post from psychological,mental, medical and Ayurvedic perspective to create general awareness and give psychological and moral boost to my readers.I am working at B.J.Medical college, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,IndiaContinue reading “Nine tips to fight against “COVID-19””