5 keys to safeguard ourselves against “COVID-19”

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“COVID-19″ is biggest challenge to mankind”.

What we can do to safeguard ourselves. I am talking about some of the strategies which are known as “Primordial or primary prevention”.

-Whenever you move outside wear N-95 mask. Over N-95 mask wear simple mask and remove this simple mask daily because when you breathe in outside environment most of the time these bacteria and viruses get embedded over this single layer mask which should be discarded daily.

  • There is one ayurvedic tablet know as “samsanivati” which has good role in boosting immunity and recommended by ministry of “AYUSH”.It’s dose is 100mg morning and evening till “COVID 19” last or 500 mg morning and evening for 15 days.( Kindly consult your auryvedic physician before consumption of these drugs).You can also take “Homeopathic Medicine” as per national guidelines.
  • You can also take lots of vitamin C and other citrus fruits via lemon 🍋 and fruits
  • Golden milk( haldi milk) on daily basis is very much helpful.
  • Deep breathing exercise (like bhastrika pranayama),Anulom vilom Pranayam would be of great help as they increase the overall lung vital capacity.
    -Whenever you move outside use and keep hand sanitizer,mask and Practice social distancing.
    -Do not continuously watch television as you are not closely monitoring stock market or cricket match. Just confirm the state and national data from government source.
  • Last but not least “Be postive and get involved in any activity like reading books, writing etc because your every thought and thinking is affecting and modulating your Immune system” which is known as Psychoneuroimmunology.
  • There is Greate philosophical quote “This too will pass”

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