Patience- The Perfect characteristic of the winner



Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

The dictionary meaning of patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. The are many qualities of successful people. These are honesty, self -motivation, self- inspiration, dedication, determination, punctuality and sincerity towards the Goal. Among these patience is most important and crucial quality of winners.

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Today we live in consumer culture and world of commercial arena where we no longer wish to be kept waiting. It is fine with this “Instant world” but as individuals we need to learn consciously to slow down, we need to manage our time, we need to be cool and calm. Sometimes we lose our patience when the events go beyond our control, slow down and hamper our progress. Stay cool and calm in these adverse situations and circumstances and think about other things, hobbies, creative activities and task that you want accomplish in your life. You will sharply noticed and observe that as soon as you switch over to other task and creative activity, time moves more quickly and fastly.

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There was a man who changed the life of millions. When he was seven years old, his family was forced out of their house due to legal technical issues. So he started working to support his family. When he was nine years, his mother died. He lost his job as store clerk when he was twenty two. He wanted to join law school but his education was not up to the requirement or criteria of law school. At the age of twenty three, he went into debt to become a partner is small store business. At the age of twenty six his business partner expired, leaving him a huge debt that took many years to repay. At twenty –eight, after courting a girl for four years, he asked for marriage proposal then she refused it. At thirty seven, on his third attempt, he was elected to congress, but after two years he failed to win re-election. When he was forty-one, his four year old son passed away. At forty nine, he contested for post of senate but lost. At fifty one, he was elected and selected as President of United States. Can you guess who was this personality, with such incredible story of patience, persistence and perseverance? His name was Abraham Lincoln and considered as one of the efficient, proficient and greatest leaders of the century. Lincoln regarded his life time failure, obstacles and setbacks as building blocks for success rather than stumbling stones. Lincoln is not only the example in the galaxy of stars who exercised patience in journey of life to overcome the odds.
Scientist Thomas Edison conducted more than fourteen thousand experiments in the process of inventing Light Bulb.

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Now a day’s many people join different inspirational, motivational, life management course. They read various books on personality management, watch various motivational and inspirational videos on internet, read various scholarly articles on life managements. They all get charged up for time-being with positive vibrations, energy and thoughts. But after some time they lose their interest in these activities and task. On long run they feel that these courses are useless, worthless and of no use and not applicable in practical world. But this is not true and correct.

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Events of nature and natural phenomenon around us are best examples for learning. I would like to highlight and quote one scientific example from nature. In many country people grew bamboo tree. For initial four years farmer provide water and fertilizer to the plant but there is no visible growth of plant. But on fifth year plant suddenly grows more than 90 feet in six weeks. Does it mean that the growth of the bamboo tree is attributed to fifth year? No it is not. Everything is not visible still some change is going on deep inside the earth for initial four years.

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It is fertilizer and watering of plant that was done in initial phase, which is responsible for such sudden growth of plant in fifth year. So moral and lesson of the story is that the initial internal transformation is perquisite before the external outstanding transformation to take place. Have patience in your life and don’t expect instant results and outcome in journey of life.

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