Life management through management of present.

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There was great saying which states that “Time is the best medicine for any wound”.For most of us either we live in past or future and never focus and concentrate on the present. Most of the time, we ignore our present moment. But as we know that past is the history, the future is the mystery and present is present (GIFT), so we must channelize our energy in improving the present situations and circumstances. We must focus on and enjoy the present. Always learn from it make “Today” is a turning point and transformational landmark of your life. What actions you will take today will surely going to affect and impact your future. A little bit of extra-hard work made today might change the rest of your life. What you are today and whatever point you are there in your professional, personal and social
spheres are due to your past hard work, efforts, practices and incidents. You cannot change your past but definitely, you can change your present thoughts and actions. When we think of too much about past and future, we are denying and destroying ourselves the Joy of “NOW”,i.e Joy of the present moment. (You may also like

) Mind well and remember one thing, you cannot change your past or your past cannot return and you cannot anticipate and manage all your future events and circumstances. So always be there in the present moment and enjoy the present. scientifically and spiritually one of the best way and method of being in the present state of mind is to practice deep breathing exercise, Pranayam and meditation (You may also like

on regular basis.


can you tell me what is a strategy for stress management in daily life..?

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20 replies to “Life management through management of present.

  1. Its very thoughtful…! And helpful .. one is either busy in thinking of future or past..on daily basis we have 85% of negative thoughts .. 10% postive to reverse the case.. meditation is way.. do meditation from today so u dnt have to take medications for tomorrow


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