Role of Mentor in achieving Goal of life.


Role of Mentor in achieving success.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

-Oprah Winfrey

There are different strategies and plans to pursue your goal. Today in this modern world we can access online video, read books, interact with successful people,attend seminars and use other methods to achieve success. One of the best methods to achieve your dream is to learn from expert,mentor or adviser. Dictionary meaning of mentor is Advisor or Guide.Why and when we need them …? Sometimes in routine learning and sometimes in adverse situations and circumstances of life,we need such Guide. They are also known as subject expert,coach or consultant. It is rightly said that if you want to excel in life
“Then learn from experts”.

In this modern world of information and technology many times we use GPS. It’s a Global positioning system which shows and guide you on the correct pathway and helps you to reach your destination. Using this analogy, we can say that experts are just like GPS. Having trust, confidence and faith in him will allow you to navigate on the correct pathway and trajectory.
It is said that “success leaves a trail” (i.e. success leaves a footprint) subject expert will help you to follow this footprint. Every one of us in our lives at some stages has taken the assistance and help of such a mentor. Mentor knows your strength and weakness for success. He warns you against the possible threat and any deviations from your path. He creates a new opportunity for progress.

A good adviser or subject expert will guide you in correct and appropriate direction and provide you sound model or pathway for success.He/she is the person who helps you to arrive at your goal along with your family, friends, relatives and well wisher.

With your mentor you can reach your goal in smart and easy way,in right time. You can say that they are your true well-wisher who works from heart for your best interest. In our life we may need  more than one mentor (Guru) or advisor according to demand of situation and circumstances. They may be your carrier or educational mentor,financial advisor or spiritual guru or philosopher.
Sometimes in life you have to give information to bring about transformation in life of other people by becoming their mentor,advisor,guide or Guru.

The essence of major philosophies of the world is “selfless service to the society without anything expecting back”. If you have received the knowledge, keys of success, inspirational gems for life management and something of value it’s your moral duty and moral responsibility to share with others.
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