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A man asked the saint “I want Happiness”, saint replied First remove I, that is “Ego”, then want, that is “desires”,you are left with only Happiness.

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Welcome to my blog, as my blog theme is “Science, spiritual, yoga, meditation and inspirational thinking”. Today I will going to talk about one of the most important aspect of human life i.e. Happiness and Stress. As we know that life is full of Ups and Downs. Our life can be compared with ECG (Electrocardiogram) which has crest and trough. Crest can be compared with happiness in life and trough can be equated with the stressful situations in life. As you carefully study the ECG, both crest and trough are essential for survival and existence and a plain line is merely indicates a lifeless condition or death. So today I will going to share you about some of the important tips on stress management.
Stress is inevitable part of life and everyone has to face it.
How to do stress management in day to day life and have happiness…..?
Volumes and volumes of books, journals and online literature talks about stress but very few sources gives an idea, method and techniques about how to overcome and tackle the stress in life. Some of the valuable tips and important keys that we can use in our day to day life to counter stress and have happiness in life are.
 Time Management-Time is like river which flows continuously without waiting for anyone. It’s like money which is to be invested smartly otherwise it will go wasted. Whatever the task you want to accomplish whether it’s short-term or long term task, we have to allocate the time accordingly and have to complete the assignment in give time limit. Smart and Meticulous time management will eliminate and exterminate most of problems created by day to day stress.

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 Proper planning and Programming-Before you are planning for any task or event, the written plan is essential before the actual event take place. By systemically pen down the events many challenges can be avoided in advance.


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 Jot down all your important task,activities on daily basis
 Prioritize by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing and Contributing its acronym for POSEC-Recognize the important goal and task of your life, identify your values, set your priorities.

 Role of Physical Exercise and sports -One must perform some amount of physical exercise.E.g walking and cycling. Walking is one of the best exercises to relieve day to day stress. It is scientifically proved that because of walking there is release of various excitatory neurotransmitters like epinephrine,nor-ephinephrine,dopamine and serotonine.Which elevates the mood and it will also give some sense of completion of task. It will also improve systemic circulation, controls blood sugar, blood pressure and help to reduce weight.

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 Meditation, Pranayam and Asan on daily basis-They are most powerful relaxation technique and to be done daily on regular basis without any interruption.


 Develop some hobbies-certain activities which are pleasurable and occupy your mind and thought must be cultivated in life in order to counter stress. These activities may be reading novels, bird watching, coin collection, collection of antic articles, face reading and astrology and etc.


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 Spending time with nature-it includes visit to places which has beauty of nature like any lake, botanical garden, trekking, jungle safari, desert safari, river rafting, river crossing and etc.


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 Try to give some small levels of Philanthropic services/Donate some hours of your life for self less social services without any thing expecting back -Sometimes it’s difficult to do big task of social services or it is not feasible. But all of us can definitely do some sort of small assignment, activities and task that will surly helps the society and on long run it will help us to counter stress. For example volunteering a multi-diagnostic camp or blood donation camp in your area or giving your humanitarian services in natural calamities like earth quake, cyclone, flood etc.

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 The concept behind this task is that when you help others by means of donations, volunteering or providing your expertise services there is feeling of happiness in your mind and a sense of satisfaction in your deep heart and surely you will get positive vibrations from nature that would encourages you and makes you happy in life and relieves your tension. So Do something for others who cannot repay you in cash and kind.
The cosmic world operates through dynamic law of give and take or you can say a law of exchange. In physics there is most fundamental laws of motion known’s as Newton’s law of motion. As Newton’s second law of motion say that “Every action in this world has equal and opposite reaction”. In the same way giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. By doing philanthropic activity you are raising your own self-esteem and getting more positive vibrations.
 Observe one day fast- one day fast is recommended in many religious text but now medical science has documented and proved its beneficial effect on health.
 Change is the rule of life and Try to accept changes-Meaning is that change is inevitable in our life and it is constant in nature. Train your mind to welcome changes that are occurring in your life. Try to accept new situation, circumstances, persons and places. As quickly you accept the change ,it would be easy to counter stress in your life.

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 Don’t try to have control over the situations, circumstances and persons- just try your best and then leave it to god. Because more you try to control your external circumstances on long run they will have control over you. You can only control one person in your life and that is only you and yourself.


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 Do not interfere in other’s personal life or business-Most of us our problems are created due to interfering in others affairs. Mind your own business and you will have your own peace of mind.

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 To forgive and forget people who insults or harm us- By constantly remembering such events we are deliberately excavating our wound. we must believe in justice of supreme power and doctrine of sanchit karma and must cultivate the art of forgiving and forgetting

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 Do not try to highlight yourself and crave for recognition-It is grievous addiction in today’s materialistic world. People resort to different tricks and technique to become center of attention in their life.

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 One must remind them self that this world is full of selfish people. They do not praise others without any selfish motive. This world is full of a person who shows their different color according to their need and circumstances. People may praise you today because of your power, position, achievement, social status; background etc.But as soon as you lose these materialistic achievement, people would start criticizing you. Do not crave for publicity or try to highlight yourself. Do your job honestly and leave rest to god.
 Do not be jealous-Many times we experience jealous in our life. Many times we work harder than our colleagues in our company or business but they get promotions, we do not. Should we develop the attitude of jealous? We must remember one thing in life is that, law of karma is most essential in tackling such circumstances or situations. Bhagvat Geeta say that “everbody’s life is shaped by his previous sanchit karma, that has now become his destiny”. Nothing can be gained by criticizing or blaming others for your hard luck. Do your best and rest of things and outcome should be leave it to god.
 Understand and accept your limitations-Try to accept your responsibilities according to your capacity and know your limitations.

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 Keep your mind get busy or occupied with something positive or creative-because empty mind is devil’s workshop


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 You can never manage or plan enough to anticipate all the future happenings

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 Always remember cosmic consciousness has his own plan too. Value your time and accomplish your task. Remember the famous dictum “past is the history, future is the mystery and present is present (gift), so enjoy the present and be in present movement.
 Whatever has happened was destined to happen only that way. Take is as will and wish of almighty and we do not have the power to alter the course of creator will

 Plan a MINI VACATION with friends or family

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 Do not compare yourself and your situation with others because comparing yourself with others is biggest mistake. Because everyone situation and circumstances is unique.

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 Spent your time with children-The EEG (Electro Encephalogram-An electrical study of human brain) of children shows more frequency of alpha waves around them, which has calm down and relaxing effect. Even many times when have experienced that, when we play with children we feel cool and calm.

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  1. Truly Inspiring !!!
    ” past is the history, future is the mystery and present is present (gift) ”
    Keep continuing….

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  2. Great tips! I especially love the idea of setting goals (and holding yourself accountable) and spending time in nature! For many of us, we spend way too much time indoors and not enough time connecting with this incredible planet and each other. Being amongst the green earth and breathing in the fresh air does WONDERS for the mind, body, and soul! Love it, thanks for sharing!

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  3. Sir
    What to do when unhappiness is due to injustice.
    Can we also leave these on sanchit karma.
    Sometimes we have to fight the situation.
    Please suggest solutions for unhappiness is due to injustice.
    Well regarding your article you are doing great work.

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  4. Great post Prakaash reminding us to prioritize!
    loved this line ‘Time Management-Time is like river which flows continuously without waiting for anyone. It’s like money which is to be invested smartly otherwise it will go wasted”❤️

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