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“Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle the conflict by peaceful means”
Ronald Reagan

Conflicts are inevitable part of any organization or Human life. They will arise whenever people hold different opinions about a certain task, activities, agenda or idea. At any organization it is important to recognize the conflict. Broadly the conflict can be divided into desirable and undesirable conflict. The most crucial role of leader is to recognize and encourage the desirable conflict and minimize the undesirable conflict.

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The intellect, intelligence and personal discretion of leader play a crucial role in conflict management and he should see the view or opinion of person without any prejudice and misconception for the person. Conflict is natural phenomenon in any organization because different people have different life experiences which they bring to an organization. It is important to recognize that different person opinions are all probably correct under different circumstances and conditions. Leader should encourage desirable conflict (which should encourage the team work and it brings out different facets of a present problem situations) and avoid undesirable conflict (which affect the effective functioning of organization)

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Conflict should be tackled by attacking the ideas or views and not the person voicing those ideas. Differentiate the opinion from the person who presents it. Most often we try to approve the ideas of person to whom we consider honest and clever or consider important. Learning to dissociate opinion or views of person from the person who is presenting it is an art and it is time consuming skills and learnt through long term experience.
How to do conflict management or conflict Resolution?

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There are three ways of resolving the conflict
1. Domination – It is victory of one side over the other and most simple and easy way of resolving conflicts. Though, it is easiest for the time-being management but not successful in long run. The problem with this method is that there is some discomfort caused due Domination and repressed group will always have rebel and revolting tendencies against the dominator. Example-first world war
2. Compromise-It is most common way for resolving the conflict. In this each side gives up something and settles the conflict.
3. Integration- In these two views are integrated and neither side needs to sacrifice its desires. It is one of the best way and best method of dealing with conflict in any organization at any place. It has better advantage over domination and compromise and its goes towards the root of problem and puts a full stop to conflict permanently. Integration creates something new, innovative and gives a platform to emergence of new value and thought.
Language used in an organization play an important role in conflict management and it should be favorable and appropriate for reconciliation of conflict. Also workers and managers should be trained in the field of Cooperative thinking, Group Dynamics, leadership qualities and effective communication.
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