Regarding my experience of working in covid ICU civil hospital,Ahmedabad

Regarding my professional experience of working in ICU(Intensive care Unit) of covid 19,1200 bed civil hospital,Ahmedabad.

Importance of Goal and Motivation in life – The secret key to success

#goals,#motivation,#success, Have a meaning Goal in life and motivation follows you Brian Adam There are many qualities of successful people. One of the most impressive characteristics in their life journey is that they have clear cut understanding and thinking about their goal in life. Goals mean what you want in life or what is theContinue reading “Importance of Goal and Motivation in life – The secret key to success”

Tips for stress free life.

A man asked the saint “I want Happiness”, the saint replied First remove I, that is “Ego”, then remove want, that is “desires”, then you are left with only Happiness. (You may also like Unknown Some of the transformational and crucial tips for stress management in today’s life are -Time Management, Proper planning andContinue reading “Tips for stress free life.”