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“People keep on blaming their circumstances for what they are! I don’t believe in circumstances! I believe that the people who get on this world …..Are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want….and if they don’t find them, make them!”

George Bernard Shaw
A guided missile has an inbuilt system known as “Homing Device” to reach at the target. From its launching to end this system guide the missile to its entire trajectory. During its journey to path when missile gets slightly off the course, or takes the wrong path or moves in erroneous direction, then its “Homing Device” guidance system makes the necessary correction to get it back on charted course, so that it will hit the target. So guidance system corrects and rectifies its error while moving forward toward the goal.images (33)

Life lessons learnt and Moral of the story…….!
• One must have a Goal, i.e. you should be target and objective oriented.
o One must have specific goals in life and must head and lead for it.
• When one is moving towards the target, one will definitely make errors as just guided missile does
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• One must recognize this error and accept it as part of life journey. Otherwise, one will not know where and when the rectification and correction required to nullify this error.
• Having accepted and admitted the error which has miss guided you to goal; one must simply correct it, and get back to charted course.
• Error making, its recognization, and finally correcting it, is simple procedure of going ahead and moving forward in the journey of life and accurately reaching at the target, so your life journey is similar to trajectory and pathway of missile.
• Like missile, we all have our own “Homing Device” system known as personal guidance programme which may include company of good friends, advice from parents,Meditation,yoga or prayer, Reading inspirational and spiritual books, Doing your own SWOT (S-strenghth,W-weakeness,O-opportunity,T-threat) analysis and other positive activities and task that guides on way of life.

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• Have a target in life. One your main Goal. Some people have many goals in their life and as a result of which their energy is channelized in different direction and that leads to confusion and dilemma. So have a one single goal in your life, so that your 100 percent is channelized in one, single direction and not in multiple directions.
• Always keep eagle eye’s and be vigilant and self aware about your personal guidance programme or your software and always move in correct pathway or trajectory.
• Always go ahead and don’t stop, confused and hesitate for fear of making mistakes and error.
• Your journey to life is like a riding bicycle. While riding the cycle you can surely and easily correct the direction in which you want to move but if you stop, then you will lose the balance and (7)


• Have a constant attention over your mistakes
• Admit and accept the error as part of life game and as soon as they come to your notice correct them immediately.
 You can set your personal guidance programme to achieve your targets:
• It’s like a supercomputer. What you feed the details of your goal into your mind.
• Your sub-consciouness mind starts creating and following your goal and has extra-ordinary will and zeal to help you in achieving your goal.
• Creator has given the immense power and zeal to reach your goal, just relax, and move surely and confidently forward.
• The personal guidance programme works on the principles of “Visualization”. And “mental image” of our goal will make the system to guide and move forward towards the goal.
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Ok friends by for now and keep your personal guidance system active and go ahead in life.
With warm wishes
Namaste and by for now………..
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