Nine Tips for Professional Excellence

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Nine tips to become a professional Expert in your Field-Tips to enrich yourself in your subject field

“The truth about the life of a man is not what he does,but the legend which he creates around himself”

– Oscar Wilde

Dear friend, welcome to the world of inspiration, motivation and self-transformation. Today in this blog I will go to discuss and highlight some of the skills and professional competence that one needs to excel in its subject field and professional life. Today in the era of information technology everything is changing and transforming fast. So everyone has to keep themselves updated and upgraded with the latest skills, knowledge, research and development in their field. So, today I have decided to share some of the tips that I am applying and using in my professional life to update and upgrade myself in my field. I think that these tips would also be useful and helpful to you in your professional carrier. So These are Nine tips that I am sharing with you.

1.Early morning hours are essential and precious. I can say that they are “Golden hours” or “Peak hours”.In morning hours one should finish and accomplish all the important task with keeping oneself refraining from digital technology and traffic university. According to modern medical and behaviour science, the energy levels in morning hours are high, the moods are elevated and this would be of great help to enhance productivity and good work output.

2.First thing should be done first. In your to-do (Written programme) list, a top priority should be given to the important task. ( You may also like Value of time – lessons through time management)

“Practice makes the man perfect”.

“Consistency, hard work and determination are key strategies to become a professional expert”

3.Always learn from the subject expert, consultant or experienced person because they have long term field exposure and experience. You may in touch with them through youtube channel, E-mail, WhatsApp or any other means of communication. Today many premier institutes are also offering online courses, you can also join them. (You make like Role of Mentor in achieving Goal of life.)

“A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.”

4.Today no field is static and every field is “Ever-changing field”whether its medical science, computer science, writing, astrology, digital technology or whatever the field you are working or and having your carrier or profession.Every field is changing fastly and constantly. I mean to say that today every field is “Ever-changing Field”, and if you do not update yourself with the latest innovation, facts and technology then you will be “out of Game” or “Outdated”.
5.Focus on your core competency.I mean to say that you should enrich and update your knowledge and skills in your “subject field” or “mother Field”.There are various means of upgrading and updating yourself which includes reading journals, magazines, participating in the various conference, webinars and group discussions.
6.Today in the scenario of Information and technology you can learn many things from various subject experts available on the youtube channel, Twitter,various whats app, telegram and Facebook group.The subject expert would be of great help to resolve your queries and technical problems.
7.Workshop, seminar and live demonstration are of great help to build your professional competence in the field like surgery, painting, drawing, etc.

8.Plan your task and important schedule in advance. I mean to say that most of your actions and activities should be planned in advance.Planning and programming are essential and indispensable element of professional excellence and expertise.(You may also like Seven tips to start a new endeavor – keys to achieve your Goals in life.)

9.Believe in the philosophy of ” continuous learning”.It is one of the cores and key hallmark of excelling in professional life.It is one of the chief quality and characteristics of professional experts in any field.

“Some of the most successful people I know do good to one and all without any expectations. Doing good to others is the great universal religion”.

I hope you have gained some clarity on the subject….!.

Can you tell me about what is your strategies and keys for updating and upgrading yourself in professional life?

ok bye for now and have a nice day

Dr Prakash ❤


1.5:00 AM club by Robin sharma

2.Seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

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  1. Excellent post Prakaash. Glad you are now having no issue with your link. I think its now working properly and that’s why I landed directely at your blog. Keep inspiring us Dr. Prakaash.

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    1. Hello rising star, Good evening. I would like to thank you for following new changes in my writing adventures. 1.Thank you very much for technical assistance. 2.Previously there was no Avtar on blogging site, after reading your blogging tips I have added it. 3.Previously I was not using Grammarly app. According to one of your suggestions in the article, right now I have started using it.Its good app for correcting the grammatical mistake. 4.I am a regular visitor of your blogging site. I like many inspirational, motivational content . 5.Last but not least what impresses about your blogging site and many contents are your writing tone,i.e writing tone is friendly, inspiring and motivating, choice of words, style of writing and way of presentation is fantastic.Ok bye for now,stay safe,God bless you.Have a nice day and best wishes for future,keep writing and keep inspiring us and global community.🌹🌹🌹🌹

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      1. Awesome, That’s so nice and inspiring you are Prakaash. You have made my day. I am glad you are so much admired of my writing and found it helpful. Many blessings to you in your future blog journey.

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    1. Thank you very much for visiting the site, inspiring, motivating words and sparing your precious time.”Laughter is the best medicine in the world and its good for physical,mental and spiritual health”.Bye for now and Have a nice day.🌷🌷🌷

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