Seven inspirational and Motivational quotes of the day.

Welcome to my beautiful world of inspiration,motivation ,self help and personel transformation.Dear friend today I will going to share the some of the quotes by well known persons,sages and celebrity.During my highschool days I have learnt in my physics about one of the fundamental laws and it was
“law of Energy Conservation”
i.e “Energy can be neither be created and nor destroyed but it can always be transformed from one form to other”
Even the greatest freedom fighter of India (M.K. Gandhi) has rightly said
“As heat conserved is transmitted into energy, so anger controlled can be transmuted into a power which can move the world.”

With reference to above two quote I would like to say that many times wonderful and inspiring quotes are like energy,(Quanta-small units of energy),many times they are Game changer,worth pondering ,Brain churning exercise ,thought provoking process of day,sometimes life.Because these quotes are essence and crux of life experiences,wisdom and profund knowledge of learned person.So Here is the list of Such interesting quotes and I hopes you will find it Interseting.
1.“Arise,Awake and stop not till the goal is reached”
Swami Vivekanand
You should work hard and strife towards excellence to achieve your goal.
2.”A man may die,nations may arise and fall,but an idea lives on.Ideas have endurance without death”.
John F.Kennedy
So one has to be very attentive and careful with his own thoughts and actions as idea survives and propagates from generation to generation.I mean to say the you should always focus on productive,fruitful and knowlegeable ideas,thoughts and actions that is by and large useful to you and society.
3.”There is a great man who makes every man feel small.But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great”.
Charles Dickens (Law of moderation – The ultimate guide to success
We come across and encounter different persons in our life who are having different mindsets and complexes.Some of them are having superiority complexes (Ego of knowledge,power,position,money,racial supermacy and etc) and vice versa you come across other persons.But according to me best are those who believe the concept and philosophy of Moderation (law of Madhyam Marg)
4.”There is no medicine like hope,no incentive so great ,and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow”.
I believe in the philosophy of “Hope for the best and Get ready for the worst”.

I mean to say that give your best and 100 percent in every sitution and circumstances of life and leave everthing to time and cosmic consciouness.Again,I mean to say that just focus on your “Actions or Karmas” not “fruits”
5.”What is beautiful is not always good.But what is good is always beautiful”.
Swami Chinmayananda.
As message is self evident just focus on quality and wonderful things and deeds in life.
6.”learning is an ornament in prosperisty,a refuge in adversity and provison in old age.”
As someone has rightly said “knowledge is power but applied knowledge is superpower” and knowledgeable persons with good actions and deeds command respect and honour wherever he/she goes in this world.
7.”Happy is he who overcome all selfishness;happy is he who has attained peace and happy is he who has found the truth.”
Lord Buddha ( You may like Seven transformational keys of Happiness (Seven transformational keys of happiness (pleasure, joy and bliss)
So this is all about todays wonderful and inspirational wisdom of the day.I hope you have gain some clarity on subject.Please don’t forget to comment,like and share in other social net working sites.
Thank you for visitng the site, sparing your wonderful time.
Ok bye for now my dear friend and have a nice day.
With best wishes and Love.
Dr Prakash ❤

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