Concepts of Group Dynamics (image

Concepts of Group Dynamics

“Before becoming an astronaut, I was a helicopter pilot, but realized my skills, got trained and entered the field of space engineering. I appeal you to know your skills, your comfort zone and your position in the organization to make you successful and you will also become an asset to your organization. You never get nervous when you are in the field of your choice. I was never nervous during my flights into space…During my first flight; I was a crew member with a seven-member team. During the second one, I was the team leader and had members from Europe, Japan with different thinking and taking them along, was my task in itself”

Sunita Williams

Information,student’s handbook skill Genie,page 42)
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Welcome to my blog, “Science, spiritual and inspirational thinking”. Today I will going to talk about one of the most important aspect of human life i.e. Principles and Practice of working in Team.

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What happens when there is an event or function in your house or organization? All of us divide the work among ourselves and wok in groups. Our family, friends and relatives work as a large group and achieve the goal. The success or failure of any task depends on the way the group coordinates and works. Many times in the life we have to work as team leader and many times as team member, but in both cases we are working for the common cause.


You are well versed with the story of rabbit and tortoise. Once upon a time a tortoise and rabbit had a racing. They agreed on the route and started their journey. We know tortoise won the race and moral of the story was slow and steady wins the race. But the story doesn’t end here and read the further extension of this story. Rabbit did the careful introspection about the event and realized that over-confidence and carelessness were the reasons for his defeat. So he challenged the tortoise for second time and won the race and crux of the story is fast and consistent will always beat the slow and steady. Now the turtle perceived his limitations and thought that he could never win, if the route was the way it was. Now he again challenged hare but on a slightly different path. The hare and tortoise begins their race from starting line. Hare not to be overconfident ran all through at top speed until he came across to a broad river. He couldn’t go ahead because the finish line was on other side of river. In the meantime, grabbing the opportunity, turtle trundled along, got into the river, swam across and reaches up to the finish line and won the race. Moral of the story is that, this is where you have to accept and identify your strength and limitations. However story still doesn’t end here. This is the last and most interesting version of the story. In the process of racing so many times, the rabbit and tortoise became a very good friend and decided to run the race as TEAM. This time hare carried the tortoise on the land and the tortoise carried the hare in the water. They reach the finish line together with greater satisfaction and piece. Moral of the story is that when you work as team, chances of winning the race or battle are very much high. This story is perfect example of situational leadership, which means that according to need of situation and circumstances, you have to handover the leadership to appropriate person and keep aside our ego. Another Good message of the story is that when individually strong and brilliant mind come together and share their ideology, success is inevitable.
What is TEAM?
A group of people working together in an organization (It may be a corporate organization, Government organization or small firm or company) is known as TEAM. The Behavior and nature of Team members is such that there is interdependency and one member alone cannot undertake all the activity, task or service.
What does working in TEAM is so CRUCIAL?
As in any game, every team player has a crucial role to play. At any corporate organization, company or government firm, not a single team member can undertake and fulfill the role of other members.
If we apply this concept to cricket team, then we notice that in a team there are 11 players, there is captain who makes on the spot field decisions and much of the success of the team depends on his presence of mind, discretion, wisdom and intelligence.

cricket team

Image credit- Google images Indian cricket team.
There are some players who have mastery in bating and then there are others who have specialization in bowling. Along with it there are good wicket keepers and fielders whose role cannot be underestimated in anyway. When team is bowling to have wickets of opponents, only one player can bowl at a time. But the other members of team support him by good fielding and wicket keeping. A weakness in any spheres leads to suffering of entire team.
In the same way in any organization, role of each and every team members is crucial and every element of team play an important role according to need of situation and circumstances. A lucane in any area lead to overall decline in team effectiveness and performance.
Just as a cricket team aims to win the match, in the same way any team in any organization (whether private or corporate) is established to carry out its task in such a manner as to have a winning situation at the end of day, month or year. Taking the reference of sports metaphor again, each individual sport team in a country is striving for better performance at national and international level to increase country’s creditability and reputation. The message is that hard-work, input and performance of each team member is ultimately enhancing and raising the image of organization at state, national and international level.

In the Human resource management Team effectiveness plays an important role. It means degree to which a team accomplishes it goal, targets and objectives. It also reflects the quality and quantity of services delivered to clients. Team effectiveness also depends on the on the performance, will and zeal of individual team members and also depends on dynamics and progress of team in multi- dimension spheres.

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  1. Ultimately, u can say, “United we stay…..” with positive attitude . Becoming a member of a team or a group itself reduce the stress and you can contribute better to achieve a goal decided by the team.

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  2. Excellent post Prakaash. Unity is strength. Teamwork is always one of the highly recommended activities in Leadership in Management. Pics are shared on my Pinterest Boards. Have a nice weekend.

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