An Art of an effective presentation.


“The real education is your attitude and behaviour with the others ,it defines your entire personality no matter how much qualified you are”


Do you want to change your Game as an effective speaker..?     

Do you think that the an art of effective presentation is essential and indispensable for the selection process in any organisation..? 

Dear friend, I hope that in the scenario of “Covid 19” you and your family will be safe, secure and fine. Now In the world of globalization, industrialization and Information Technology revolution,I would like to say that an effective oral presentation skills are most essentials for every one of us.Whether you are a student, engineer,writer, doctor, speaker or preparing for competitive examinations in any field, you must have good and sound communication skills to effectively deliver your message and convey information to people, student and target audience.    

Image captured by me in my visit to village.

Today I would like to share my personal and professional experience of an effective oral presentation. Right now I am working as a faculty at B.J. Medical College Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Previously I was Assistant professor at Government medical college, Surat. I have been in this teaching field for more than 10 years and have taken many sessions and worked as a trainer in many training.With this much professional, practical, and field experience in the field, I would like to share some of the important tips for standard, effective and qualitative presentation.

Image captured by me in the Village.

The general dictum and rule is that your presentation starts as soon as you enter the hall or theatre. Your clothing, style and dress up should be sober and descent.Just reach at presentation auditorium 5- 7 minutes before presentation and have some informal and casual discussions and talk with some of the person or students sitting in the audience. It will help you to establish the good rapport and connection with the audience.Now,Start and begin the session with a some of the basic question on the topic, just check their basic understanding and baseline knowledge about the subject. In the mean time just know your audience,their choices and preferences and begin the session. So these are seven tips for effective presentation.lets start!

“Well beginning is half done”

1. Your content should be highly informative and qualitative. I mean to say that

“Content is the king”.

Before the presentation do in-depth research and analysis of the topic.Make notes and revise the points several times.You can rehearse the presentation and important points in front of the mirror.This will boost your confidence and gives you lots of encouragement.To make the topic clear and simple give suitable examples.

2.To deliver an effective PowerPoint presentation you need to refer the standard textbook, reference book and official sites for referencing the content. In any presentation just quote references from the authentic source because to listener and audience it will give confidence in your words.

3.Ideally, for any presentation, there are ground rules.Your first slide is an introductory slide about your topic, which consist of your name, educational Qualification and Institute.             

4.Your next slide after the introductory slide should be slide briefly describing the

*outline of your presentation. E.g. Introduction, key important points, last slide is about summary conclusion* 

5.Ideally for the title, font size of 18 is recommended and for the main slide, the font size of 12 is preferred. Ideally, there are seven words in each line and such seven lines should be there in each slide.

6.Add images in the slide with due credit to image source. Images makes the presentation highly interesting, impressive and fascinating.

Image captured by me.

It is my personal observation that images at the right point and the right time makes the presentation highly effective and interesting.   


Who to deal with an unexpected crisis during the presentation….?

When the system fails or electricity goes out…?     Or Your pendrive doesn’t work out..?                

My personal experience of handlings such crisis and situation. 

👉   When I was giving presentation in surat it was a slot of the afternoon and in the meantime, there was electricity failure.As I was having regular habit of repeating and revising the notes several times, I have successfully given oral presentation without the aid of technology on blackboard with chalk and talk.As from this incident,happening and case study, you know moral of the story is clear….!

The lesson, message and essence of this event was that please don’t rely too much on technology and get ready to give oral presentation based on important points.One important point that,I would like to remind you that, maintain the dignity and respect of the audience.As you are nothing without your audience.Never insult or use hard words for any person, community, organization, religion, caste or political party during your presentation.              

“Success is 99 percent failure”   

– Soichiro  Honda ( founder Motor corporation)

7.Last but not least spare 5-7 minutes to resolve any question and query raised by the audience with the last words of thanks to your audience for listening silently and calmly. Sometimes some query are not resolved give your cell number or email I.D. and give your feedback, reply and answer afterwards.

This is all about my personal and professional experience and I hope you will use this technique and methods and win in eyes of audience.

Can you tell me what is your personal and professional experience regarding the presentation in the comment box below..?     

Thank you very much for reading the post and have a nice day. You can also share this post in another group via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and another social networking site.                            

  Dr Prakash ❤

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  1. Very nice Prakaash. All these points I personally prefer to check in a presentation.
    As currently working on psychology, it would be highly appreciated if you could use body language and facial expressions in a presentation to further clarify your message.
    Have a nice day Prakaash

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  2. the other people cannot
    through our behavior
    define our entire personality

    in the innermost
    we all remain strangers

    not what I want to say is important
    what the other understands by the Embassy
    the listener is the king

    true education arises
    through insight
    via the unconscious
    in ourselves

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