“Nothing is constant in this world,except change.Change is the rule of life and accept changes”

The philosophy and concept of Bhagwat Geeta is






They are applicable in all times and all places.

They are the greatest source of inspiration, motivation, self-help and Personel transformation to anyone on this planet.

There are different chapters on Bhagavad Geeta, which primary focus on life management, spiritual development, Yog ,pranayama, meditation and mind management

The philosophy is guide and wisdom to inspirational writers, speakers, behaviour modulators, management consultant and mentors.

The most important, transformational message of Bhagavad Geeta is following.

1.Selfless service to society without anything expecting back.

2.Just focus on karma ( i.e.Your actions) and not on fruits or results.

3.Give 100% energy to your goals.

4.Control your thoughts, emotions and live in the present by regular practice of pranayam,asan and meditation.

5.last but not least “Change is the rule of life and accept changes”

This is my opinion and thinking about bhagvat Geeta.

can you tell me what is your opinion and thinking about it..?

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30 replies to ““Nothing is constant in this world,except change.Change is the rule of life and accept changes”

  1. Yes Prakaash, Change will happen first through self-acceptance, and without self-awareness, nothing can be done.
    Such a beautiful post, you put the present world scenario in a nutshell..Well written!

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  2. The soul
    in their diversity
    is since
    from its core
    as inner light
    all living things
    until the end
    of the universe

    this light
    that in the time
    of our being
    thereafter does not last

    the dream
    gives everyone
    to new insight
    for day
    and night

    more than our life
    can a person
    not expecting

    our goal
    is after childbirth
    in the end the death

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