Principals of karma.


Universal Guru-The laws of action and reaction.

Dr Albert Einstein was once asked “why are we here? He replied,if the universe is an accident,we are accidents.But if there is meaning in the universe, there is meaning in us also”.And he added,the more I study physics,the more I am drawn towards Metaphysics”.

The fundamental laws of motion i.e Newton’s second law of motion States that “Every action in this world has equal and opposite reaction.”I think and personally believe and perceive that this fundamental law of physical world is equally and universally hold true in Real world, i.e “what you give,that you Receive.”Life is like echo.”It is nothing but the repetition of sounds by reflection of sound Waves off a surface.At the top of mountain we experience the effect of echo.Our thoughts, actions, behavior,acts and emotions are like Boomerang,we get back in life what we give to this world or universe. so in conclusion I would like to recall Bhagvat Geeta. which says “every act generates a force of energy that returns to us in same way…

What we sow is that we reap”.

And when we prefer and accomplish actions that bring piece,success,happiness and well being in life of others,as you know the fruit of our efforts and karma is happiness,piece and success.

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46 replies to “Principals of karma.

  1. The laws of life
    are anchored in us through the soul

    The meaning
    rests in the stone
    in the essence of things

    the living is nourished
    through the dream
    in the plants
    the earth
    the animals
    the human

    the soul reports
    in their reality
    to the person in the dream
    the insight into things
    and his doing and leaving
    that by the forces
    of the universe
    in the inner world to the outer world
    the better
    put into action

    we are not the author
    our being itself
    in the drama of the soul
    we the wanderers between two worlds
    in the middle lies our consciousness
    in the mirror of the harsh reality of the world
    and the depths
    from the beginning of the universe
    the order of the cosmos until today

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