Regarding Self Control in Journey of Life.

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“The person who masters himself through self-control and discipline is truly undefeatable”.

Gautam Buddha


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The dictionary meaning of self-control is to have control over one’s feeling, emotions, reactions and behaviour to different situations, circumstances, and persons around you. It’s a way and method of regulating and modulating our attitude and reactions to external circumstances and persons. No one can make or feel you happy, unhappy or depressed except you. Many times in life it is our reaction and feedback to the external environment and conditions would determine the outcome.

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In the beautiful journey of life sometimes it is most difficult and cumbersome task to control the external situations, circumstances and persons around us. Even though we are smart and intelligent but our action and interventions don’t help to counter and improve the circumstances and people around us. The only thing that will help you to control and come out of this phase of life is “Self-control”. It will help you to take immediate command and control over the situation. It is nothing but art, skill and inner power to regulate and modulate your strong feelings of Joy, anger, emotions and behaviour.

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When we study the life history of a great saint, learned and successful people, we notice that the “self-Control” was one of the qualities in their life journey. In many adverse circumstances and situations of their life, they have exercised the power of “self-Control”. People with Good self-control excel in every sphere of life. They are successful in professional, mental, social, spiritual and other dimensions of well-being.

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There are various time tested scientific, psychological, medical and spiritual methods, technique and interventions for self-control. These are
1. Daily practice of Meditation, Pranayam (Deep breathing exercise) and Prayer may help you to have good self-control. The scientific, medical and spiritual explanation for this actions and interventions is that all these measures increase Self- Awareness. Self Awareness is nothing but knowing and informed about oneself. Because of increased self-awareness, there is good self-control over impulses, temptations, emotions and feelings. What happens, in the long run, is that there is the development of strong will power and good self-awareness which leads to good self-management.
2. Regular exercise and walk reduce the stress level and increased the oxygen supply of the brain.
3. Adequate sleep is the best antidote for stress management and clears most of the metabolic waste during sleep.
4. Know your Emotional quotient (EQ)-It is nothing but knowing your emotions and impulses.
5. Exercise the attribute and quality of patience in life.
6. We should do our best and give 100 per cent effort to improve the circumstances and persons around us but leave rest of thing to time and cosmic –consciousness. Because more we try to have control over situations, circumstances, people and persons around us, in the long run, these things have control over us. Remember one thing in life or I would like to quote the famous slot of Bhagvat Geeta “Nothing is constant in this world except change. Change is the rule of life and we must accept the changes”.
7. Lastly I would like to end the debate and discussion on self –control by the famous saying of Lao-Tzu “He who conquers others is not mighty. He who conquers himself is mighty”.
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  2. Who in humility
    the soul
    accepted and recognized

    the soul
    the inner world
    and includes the outside world

    becomes with awareness
    the laws of nature
    of the universe
    and the microcosm
    get closer
    and cosmic determination


  3. Beautiful Inspiration 👌🌷🙏 Self control and self care are the most
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