Law of moderation – The ultimate guide to success

Basically life of Gautam Buddha is real and great source of inspiration, motivation and self help to many materialistic and spiritual seekers.His concepts, teaching and sermons are applicable in all times.They are timeless principles, practices,truth, philosophy and lessons which are clear and full of clarity as before many centuries and decades as well as in today’s modern, technical and fast moving world.Among the various principles and teaching of “Lord Gautam Buddha”,one of the core lesson was law of moderation or (Madhyam- Marg). There is limit to everything in life,which includes everything,every activity and action from morning to evening.The food, sleep,exercise,meditation, reading,use of modern gadgets,even to spiritual practices like pranayama,asan,prayer and meditation.All Religious Scriptures,Modern Medical science, Management, Psychology, Behavior science,even our ancestors are saying that everything should be at moderation or optimum level.Any excessive or diminish usage of anything is harmful and dangerous.Among the favourite disciple of Gautam Buddha,Anand was one of the sincere,dedicated and devoted follower.One day he was very much confused, perplexed and unhappy with his spiritual journey or sadhana.He meet his great Guru Lord Gautam Buddha and raised and discussed certain questions and queries. (You may also like

    Tathagat tried his best resolve his questions,doubts and queries.Lord Buddha answered and resolved many of his questions and queries but still he was not content and satisfied with some of answers and clarification.To clarify his doubts and confusion,saint advocated and assigned him small task.Anand was well versed and master in playing the musical instrument know as “Veena”.   

  There is great Chinese proverb:

“If I hear ,I forget;If I see,I remember;If I do,I know”.

It signify the importance of learning by doing.With reference to this example we will move ahead.Anand was highly accomplished musician.Gautam Buddha asked the anand to “slacken the strings” of instrument. Buddha then asked him to play the veena,anand replied, “how can I play veena when strings are slack?.Buddha said it’s ok,now “tighten the strings of instrument till they become taut enough to play” again saint instructed anand to play the veena, now it was having a snaping sound. ( You may like Moral of the story is that as strings of veena to be tightened at an optimum level to have melodious and tuneful music, in same way everything in life should be at moderate and optimum level to live a happy and healthy life.Lazy mind,body and soul is like slack strings of veena and overstressed mind and body is like stretched stings of veena,which produces dull note or mind stretched beyond its capacity is tensed and incapable of clear thinking.Best is mind,body and soul completely relaxed and attentive.( You may like

So core and important message of lord Gautam Buddha to Anand is key to happiness in life and sadhana is clear thinking and problem solving by relaxed mind,body and soul. Basically any spiritual philosophy and scientific techniques focused on or give immense stress on moderation in everything in life:food,sleep,yoga, Pranayam, meditation, exercise, walking,use of digital technology like facebook, what’s app, twitter etc.Dear friends,I think that above simple case study is not a mere a piece of information but will help and guide you in self transformation and inculcate the law of moderation( Madhyam marg),middle path in every spheres of your life.This is my opinion and thinking about “law of moderation”,tell me about your opinion and thinkingโ€ฆ? Don’t forget to like, comment,share .Thanks for reading, sparing your precious time,bye for now and have a nice day ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

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13 replies to “Law of moderation – The ultimate guide to success

  1. Thanks for sharing the link as I was unable to reach you blog. Itโ€™s a wonderful post about
    Tathagatsโ€™ law of moderation / madhyaym – Marg . Story of Veena is interesting too.


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