Seven important soft skills for Professional Excellence.

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

  • Aristotle

Do you think that soft skills and talents are essential for your success, achievements, and accomplishments in your life?


Soft skills are keys for achievement and success in any personal interview, group discussion, or selection strategy of any organization..?

According to the viewpoint, perspective, and suggestions of management experts and experienced managers in human resource management the answer is

Yes, if you want to excel in personal, professional, social spheres and dimensions of life then you must have optimum, reasonable, acceptable, and practical soft skills in this beautiful and wonderful journey of life.

Now let me explain to you what is meaning of soft skills?
Soft skills are essential characteristics, traits, and interpersonal skills that an individual must have in an organization, group, or team to strive towards an individual and group goals. It’s an art and skills of interacting with your fellow culling s, leader, team members, client’s, friends and another person in an organization ( You may also like Importance of Goal and Motivation in life – The secret key to success)

The science of modern human resource management, behavior science, and organizational psychology says that soft skills are vital, essential, and indispensable for human survival and existence. According to different dictionaries and literature, the meaning of soft skills is different qualities and attributes that a person requires or must acquire to excel in his personal, professional, and social spheres and dimensions of life. Today in this article I will try to discuss and focus on some of the important soft skills that are important and essential in our life.

They ( soft skills ) are a complement to your hard skills.

( You may also like Nine Tips for Professional Excellence ) Hard skills are subject knowledge and technical skills a person is having for his job or criteria for selection of profession. It is rightly said

“Hard skills are always ruled by soft skills”.

“Never forget what others have done for you and never remember what you have done for others”


So this is the list of the seven important soft skills.

They are

1.Good Communication skills- Effective communication skills are most important, valuable, and vital in the smooth and effective functioning of any organization. Sometimes it is also known as the “Lifeline of any organization”.You must have good, decent and nice communication skills.


Many times in any organization, group, or team you have to work as a team member and several times as team leader (You may also like Seven impressive qualities of successful leaders.) or administrator.(You may also like( Concepts of Group Dynamics (image

In this both situations and circumstances of life you must have good, nice and reasonable mentoring and motivating skills,talent and potential.(You may also like Role of Mentor in achieving Goal of life. )

“Good Soft skills is chief hallmark, features, and characteristics of successful chief executive officer, administrator, and managers of different corporate and government organization’s”.


The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis but rather the feeling of being unwanted”-
Mother Teresa

We must appreciate the people around us and those with whom we are dealing in our day-to-day life.

One of the deepest desires of human beings is the desire to be appreciated. The feeling of being unwanted is hurtful.”

William James (Psychologists)

I mean to say and convey the core message that it should be sincere and honest appreciation. We should appreciate in a manner that sounds natural,orginal, without flattery, and from your deep conscience.

Every action in this world has an equal and opposite reaction” –
Sir Issac Newton

4.Greeting– Saying Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to seniors, friends, departmental culling, and people you meet and interact within your office and workplace has a great role in building good human relationships in the long run.

5.Emotional quotient – It is the ability to understand the emotional feeling, behavior, and attitude of any person or individual in a group or organization. Today it is considered as one of the most important qualities and characteristics of successful leaders. Studies have proven that a leader with a high Emotional quotient can perform, execute and accomplish the task in much better way in comparison to leaders with a high intelligence quotient.

The emotional quotient includes the art of understanding the feeling and emotional reactions of people in different situations and circumstances of life. It includes a sense of humor, understanding the feeling of a person, etc.(You may also like Importance of different quotient in life. )

6.Acceptance and Compassion

Accept the people as they are and be compassionate about the people around you.
Last but not least and most important of all soft skills is an attitude of gratitude in life.

I have gone through various dictionaries and online content but could not find any satisfactory meaning of this term. According to me, it’s an art of expressing “Thanks giving” to all those people and persons in your life and organisation than that helped you out in life’s difficult situation and circumstances of life. I can say that they are real and original gems of your life and we should never forget in our life and show them due admiration and respect.

” There is no real excellence in all this world which can be separated from right living.”

  • David Starr Jordan


According to the viewpoint and perspective of professional experts in human resource management for the efficient and productive functioning of any organization, the combination of Good hard skills and mastery over soft skills is essential and indispensable for the success of any organization, group or company.

This is my opinion and thinking about “Soft skills”. Can you tell me about your opinion and thinking in the comment box below.

  • Although the list of soft skills is exhaustive and broad but in this article, I have focussed on some of the key and important soft skills only. You can also add any other important and vital soft skills in the comment box below.
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      1. You are most welcome. Soft skills are vital and with so much online learning, they are not being developed to the extent they should. We are starting to see a return to the classroom, so that will be helpful.

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  1. Once again an excellent post my friend. All of these soft skills are not only necessary in professional life but are also the key requirement of personal and social life.

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  2. We breathe until death
    whether successful or not
    us out of the familiar
    the real world

    the soul adds
    like it or not
    what I do to the other
    or done to me
    indelibly in memory

    the greatest disease is
    that the indivisible human dignity
    has no meaning

    even if I
    the people
    as a child
    a God’s punishment have been
    I am human after all
    among everyone else

    we presume
    with word and deed
    to be able to change the world

    Mother earth doesn’t need us
    we are
    in the history of time
    on their skin
    for a second in there
    like all other living things

    nobody can do the other
    really understand in its essence

    nobody can
    the subjective moment
    of a human
    judge as right or wrong

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