Seven spiritual facts of life.


Good morning,

S❀️ven spiritual facts of life. of karma – what you saw that you will reap. In other words, “Every action in this world has equal and opposite reaction” – Newton’s second law of motion. Life is Just like an echo effect as at peak of mountain.Give best and beautiful to the world and in return you will receive the same. of destiny – No one in this world gets more or before the scheduled time as far as destiny is concerned. of change – Everything is constantly changing around you,i.e people, person, situation and circumstances.Crux of message is “Change is the rule of life and accept changes – Lord krishna ( Bhagvat Geeta) of attraction – whatever you desire and wish from subconscious mind and core of heart, it becomes reality in life. Its nothing but the ability to attract the things in our life that we wish. As someone had rightly said
“Where the intention goes energy flows”.
Our mind is just like magnet,we attract conditions and things in accord with our thoughts and energy.

5. Law of gratitude – Thank to those who helped and supported you in this beautiful and wonderful journey of life.

6.Nothing in the world is permanent, everything has it own life. In any situation and circumstances, wheather it’s good or bad ,remember one thing,
“This too will pass”,and

” Be cool and calm” of giving and receiving- world operates through dynamic law of give and take.The easiest way to get what you want in this life is to help others to get what they want.

Wish you a tranquil Thursday


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25 replies to “Seven spiritual facts of life.

  1. Karma and rebirth

    β€œWork, deed” a spiritual sketch
    after which every act
    – physically and mentally –
    inevitably has a consequence

    not every seed
    also brings the harvest

    the world doesn’t need people
    we are nature in nature

    the determination
    the soul
    applies to us for the short time
    in the remainder
    on mother earth

    the core of all being
    from the beginning
    until the end
    to this is submission

    the desires of man
    are of the soul
    his intentions
    in its power
    to change things

    the gravity of the soul
    it encompasses all things
    The life
    in the universe

    our mind swims in consciousness
    therein the arrogance of the people
    with our micro little me

    humility to the world
    the inner world
    the word
    the fact

    we are hikers
    in a short time
    our goal is death

    wear your own shadow
    without grumbling and complaining
    through your own life

    the hardest thing in life
    is to yourself with yourself
    to set apart


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