Books are true friends….!

Show me a man’s home library,The type of books that he reads,And I will better know the character of the man.With considerable accuracy,I will be able to look far into his future,as well!Self-help and motivational books,which serve as stepping stones to higher ideals and nobler purposes in life,are,by the most precious aids in all human endeavour.Every home should have a bookshelf or shelves well stocked with these guides for spiritual,mental and physical achievement.The principal object of reading should be for enlighment and attainment of useful knowledge,which can be appropriated and applied,in one’s daily life.Such books should serve to strengthen,refine and enable the character of the reader.A home without spiritual books,a dictionary,an encyclopedia,and self-help books is like a house without windows for the light to enter.Home,not the university,is where young minds are formed and fashioned for life!-Bertrand Russell

12 replies to “Books are true friends….!

  1. Hobbies and interest in book reading will make us smarter 👌🌷
    From small age we started reading books, and we must
    encourage our children also 👍🏻♥️🌷Special , we will get success,
    Happiness and peace 🙏🌷can read our free time , nice 👍🏻 🌹
    Yes , books are true friends 😊🙏

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  2. The training by the soul
    not in the alma mater

    not on the shelves
    from books in a library

    not the instruction
    through a spiritual guide

    open the inner window

    read in the book of life
    the wisdom
    from the soul

    for all humans
    in every dream
    a small light
    brought to consciousness

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