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“Many times I came across many places and offices in government and private premises where people forget to switch off the lights and fans. When It comes to my notice I consider it as an opportunity to turn off the lights and fans as a service to nation and national interest. I consider this gesture and act as my moral duty to my beloved country. I am of opinion and thinking that indirectly I am contributing local campaign to “save the environment, save world”, “Think globally and act locally” .I think that “charity begins at home”.
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Can you tell me what do you think about it..?
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6 thoughts on “Exemplify youself

  1. The world
    the nature
    does not have to

    can from us
    not be saved

    with our greed
    after profit, money and success
    we harm ourselves
    to the end itself

    the world will
    after our departure
    our stupidity
    and arrogance
    survive without us

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