“Be the change,that you want to see”- Mahatma Gandhi

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It means that exemplify yourself rather than preaching others.

It means set an example.

It means if you want to convey, suggest or recommend anything to people than first of all you should have implemented and executed that particular task and thing in your life.

It is very strong message.

It is very powerful message.

It’s also highly inspirational and motivational message of my life.

Let’s discuss its application in real and practical life.

It’s applicable in making our surroundings neat and clean.

It’s applicable in making our environment clean and free from pollution.

It’s applicable in preventing discrimination in our life to any person on the basis of sex, caste,race, religion, ethnic pride and colour.

Last but not least in the present scenario of COVID-19, kindly wear mask and Practice social distancing.

Lessons from Mahatma Gandhi’s life are greatest source of inspiration, motivation and self help to many well known personality,Prime minister’s, President’s, Professional writer, Professional speaker’s,etc.

And last but not least Mahatma Gandhi’s life is strongest message to common men. They are eternal, timeless concepts and keys of transforming one’s life.

According to me “It’s simple living and High thinking”

Ok friends,by for now a make a Great Day Ahead.

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