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  1. Be who you are
    don’t smile
    if you don’t really feel like it

    when the darkness embraces us
    bear it
    there comes a new day

    evaluate yourself
    for you are not the judge over others

    every human is of indivisible human dignity

    accept if you lack the strength
    next steps to do

    when you’re down
    there is a deeper reason for it

    do not defend yourself against that
    what you cannot change

    try to do the better
    every day

    hope not
    try to understand
    in order to act on it

    when you are tired
    give in
    in order to gain new strength

    the hardship of life
    to take on
    treat her with meekness

    when someone hurts you
    don’t try to give back the same

    it is important to go your own way
    helpful to others
    who need help

    we don’t need to feel great
    humility helps in every way

    not to be the best
    that which is necessary
    for themselves
    and keep them ready for others

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