Role of Emotional quotient in life

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“Compassion is an action word with no Boundaries”

Lord Gautam Buddha

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Do you think that emotional wellness is as important as Physical health?


Emotional health is important determinant of life?

If your answer to above question is YES, then this article is for you.

From our school days to our professional careers, we are trained and pressurized to focus on mathematical, linguistic, reasoning, logic, and aptitude skills. I mean to say that our most of the times our system focuses on developing the IQ skills i.e. Intelligent quotient. But as you know in our life, apart from IQ there are social skills, Interpersonal communication skills, Emotional quotient and etc. which are also essential to excel in personal, social and professional life.

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In today’s write-up, I would like to focus on the most important aspect of life i.e. the emotional quotient. Right now I’m going through one of the book written by famous psychologist of U.S.A, Daniel Goleman. I get in touch with this book while visiting Crossword, law garden, Ahmedabad. I found its content highly interesting and informative and today I have decided to share some important points about this book with you.

‘’True compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also being moved to help relieve it.’’

Daniel Goleman.

 In his groundbreaking bestseller, Daniel Goleman argues that our view of intelligence is far too narrow. It’s not IQ, but mostly emotional intelligence that plays a major role in thought, decision making and success in various spheres of life. Self-awareness, Motivation, Empathy all these are the Important qualities that mark people who excel in their life journey. In his book Goleman talks about and How emotional intelligence can be developed and how its principals can be applied in practical life.

Daniel  Goleman is an American psychologist. He received his PhD from Harvard and has written series of articles on brain and Behavior Sciences for 12 years in New York Times, where he was twice nominated for Pulitzer Prize.

So today in this post I would like to share some of the interesting and informative facts about the book. Please be with me till the end of the post. Now let’s start!

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Basically, emotional intelligence means bringing emotions within the domain of intelligence. It has five important domains.

  1. Knowing one’s emotion- Self-awareness. Recognizing, analyzing, and identifying one’s own feeling is the keystone of emotional intelligence. The ability to monitor feeling from moment to moment is crucial to psychological insight and self- understanding. According to Daniel Goleman, persons with greater insight, understanding about their feeling are better decision makers in their personal and professional lives.(You may also like Life management through management of the present.)
  2. Managing emotions-  It’s an art and skill of managing feelings, capacity to soothe oneself. To shake off a rampant anxiety, Bloom or irritability. People who do not have expertise in managing emotions are constantly battling feeling of stress, while those who have mastered the skills, excel in life and can bounce back far more quickly from life setbacks, tragedy  and failures.
  3. Motivating oneself– In Chapter 6, writer talks about the marshalling and control of emotions in service of a goal, self- motivation, mastery, productivity and creativity. Here author focus in state of emotional self-control and uses this skill to go into the ‘’flow’’  state. (the neurobiology of excellence -You can visit the following post
  4. Recognizing emotions in others- Persons with high emotional quotient has very good art of recognizing emotions of others and sense of humor. They are empathetic, altruistic and can make them successful in caring professions, like doctors, teacher, nurse, teaching, sales and management.
  5. Handling relationship– According to Goleman, the ability to manage relationships is nothing but art and skill of managing emotions in other person. People who excel in this art do well in anything that depends on relying on Interacting smoothly, interpersonal effectiveness, interpersonal communication and leadership. Perhaps they are recognize, identified and labelled as social stars in the society.

According to views of psychologist of the world and Daniel Goldman the old concept of Intelligent question revolve around linguistic and mathematical skills, Which are predictor of success in classrooms. But acquiring good emotional skills and ability is also essential for success in Personal, professional, and social dimensions of life.

“If your emotional abilities are not in hand. If you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your stress emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far”.

 Daniel Goldman.

So this is all about the emotional quotient. I hope you have gain some clarity on subject. Don’t forget to give your comment in comment section of blog. You can also share it on other WhatsApp group, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites.

So thank you very much for reading this post, your wonderful time and have a nice day.


Dr Prakash (M.B.B.S, M.D)

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  1. Reading your post immediately made me think of the advancements in AI over the past few years. AI has started to even produce art, poetry, and manuscripts. But every time I’d look at the “creation” of an AI algorithm, there would be something dark and empty behind it. Science and tech IQ puts such an immense weight of facts and knowledge into AI that it seems to overlook EQ. Without a solid EQ, everything that AI “creates” will be empty. Emotions are far more difficult to program, of course. Childhood, parents, culture, social status, trauma, freedom, ambition, and opportunity play such a foundational role in our ability to create and interact. And that’s only to name a few things that shape our emotions. To program a soul; ambitious and unsettling.

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