Sayings and teaching that inspires me..!

1.Saying and Teaching of lord Gautam Buddha and Mahavir jain. 2.Bhagvat Geeta, Kabir, Jesus crist. 3.Osho Rajnis, Robin sharma books, Elon musks. 4.And last but not least articles and write up of my various blogging friends. 5.And My Late father advice and tips about dealing with people in social and personel life and helping theContinue reading “Sayings and teaching that inspires me..!”

“The biggest risk in persons life is that person is not taking the risk” – unknown

So according to demand of situation and circumstances and titrating benefits and loss, sometimes or many times you have to take calculated risk. Thanks for reading! Have a great day ahead. Dr Prakash ❤ Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.

I have started professional blogging since 2017 after my beloved father death in 15 August.It was most challenging and difficulty time of my life. Afterwards I am trying my level best to give outstanding content to world to inspire and motivate people, to give vision and mission to my well wishers,friends,culling, realatives and followers.Thank you and have a nice day. 🌷🙏

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