Hi, It is a matter of great pleasure and pride to be part of Global writer community and friendship with wonderful blogging friends from different countries, religion, caste, race and ethnic pride.Thank you and have a great sunday. 🌷Dr Prakash ❤

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I would like to work on following burning Global issues.

1.Initiating Piece processes between different countries and disputed territories. 2.Global Nuclear disarment . 3.Global warming. 4.Actions against terrorism. 5.Actions against Child labour. 6.Working regarding rights of labourers. 7.Addressing issue of Gender discrimination, racial, ethnic and caste discrimination.Anything that is touching the issue of deprived section of society 8.Promoting acculturation and cultural contacts between countries andContinue reading “I would like to work on following burning Global issues.”

Sayings and teaching that inspires me..!

1.Saying and Teaching of lord Gautam Buddha and Mahavir jain. 2.Bhagvat Geeta, Kabir, Jesus crist. 3.Osho Rajnis, Robin sharma books, Elon musks. 4.And last but not least articles and write up of my various blogging friends. 5.And My Late father advice and tips about dealing with people in social and personel life and helping theContinue reading “Sayings and teaching that inspires me..!”

1.Reading quality contents- spiritual books, informative post on Twitter or blogging site. 2.Interactions with some of the close friends during tea session. 3.An act of kindness to patient or student. 4.By achieving daily smaller goals and targets. 5.Feeding birds, sharing expertise knowledge and advise to patient, people and students.

What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?