Meaning of association in correct sense by swamI vivekananda

#association,#Swami vivekananda,#sky Beautiful explanation by Swami Vivekananda:Explaining the meaning of ‘Association’ he said:.. “A rain drop from the sky: if it is caught by clean hands, is pure enough for drinking. If it falls in the gutter, its value drops so much that it can’t be used even for washing your feet. If it fallsContinue reading “Meaning of association in correct sense by swamI vivekananda”

Yog revolution and it’s role in today’s challenging world.

#yoga,#pranayam,#asan,#meditation, #stressmanagement,#psychiatricilleness, #medicalillenessandyoga Rejuvenating life and combating stress by Yoga In today’s competitive world and challenging environment stress is inevitable and which is responsible for many Psychiatric and Medical illness. The Psychiatric illness are anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, panic disorder, bronchial asthma etc and important Medical illness are diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and coronary heartContinue reading “Yog revolution and it’s role in today’s challenging world.”

Concepts of Group Dynamics (image

Concepts of Group Dynamics “Before becoming an astronaut, I was a helicopter pilot, but realized my skills, got trained and entered the field of space engineering. I appeal you to know your skills, your comfort zone and your position in the organization to make you successful and you will also become an asset to yourContinue reading “Concepts of Group Dynamics (image”

Short story regarding importance of ethics and values in life.

Post is uploaded from WhatsApp message,so credit goes to unknown writer Thanks ₹7 ! The Nobel Laureate Prof. C. V. Raman after retirement wished to open a Research Institute in Bangalore. So he gave an advertisement in the newspapers for recruiting three physicists. Lots of eager Scientists applied thinking that even if they were notContinue reading “Short story regarding importance of ethics and values in life.”

Regarding happiness in life……..!

Uploaded message from what’s app. Do you know HARVARD, one of the most prestigious Universities in the world has a popular course teaching how to be HAPPY. The Positive Psychology class taught by BEN SHAHAR attracts 1400 Students per Semester and 20% of Harvard graduates opt for this elective course. According to Ben Shahar, theContinue reading “Regarding happiness in life……..!”