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Enhance Your Motivation

Kindly go through this nice article on motivation.

Be Inspired..!!

You make goals… but then you procrastinate. You write a to-do list… but then you don’t follow through. And this happens again and again and again. Seriously, what’s the problem? Why are we so good at thinking of what to do but so terrible at actually doing those things?

The problem is you are skipping an essential step which is exercising your motivation everyday. Here’s how you can enhance your motivation daily :

  • Self Evaluate – Understanding the problem at hand simplifies finding a solution. Analyse why you feel unmotivated, and what you can do about this underlying cause.
  • Gratitude List – Gratitude is a simple yet powerful tool. When unmotivated, write a list of things you are grateful for, making it as extensive or as brief as you would like.
  • Physical Exercise – Moving your body on a regular basis not only releases endorphins, but also reinforces your mental…

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