Importance of different quotient in life.


“The day science begins to study the non physical phenomena of life, it will progress much more Faster than All the previous centuries its existence” –

Nikola Tesla

According to Psychologist,psychiatrist and Behaviour modulator there are four types of Quotinents essential and indespensable for huaman survival and existence. These four quotient are Intelligence,Emotional,Social  and Adversity quotient.Now let me elobarate and explain each of them.

👉First is Intelligence quotient: It is measurement of your intelligence which includes your mathematical problem solving skills,analytical reasoning and puzzle solving art.It also includes your remembering of small things in daily life and awarness about time,place and person around you.

👉Now I will discuss about next important quotinet of life which is related to your emotions and emotions of people around you, i.e. Emotional quotient.It is basically your friendly and emotionally realatinships with your friends,office culling,relatives and family members.It highlights and signifies your sense of humour, humbeleness,commitment,
moral responsibility and giving respect to other.It also includes providing emotional support to friends,culling and other people in difficult and adverse situtions and circumstances of life. This is all about IQ and EQ but the story doesn’t end here.

👉  Next is social quotient -It reflects your social skills,maintaing long term social relationship with friends,office culling and ther people in your life.
If we sharply observe and notice in real and practical life,then you we will realize that persons with high emotionl and social quotient are more successful,happy,progress faster than people with low EQ and SQ.

But unfortunately our major Schooling,educational and top most institute concentrate and foucus more on Intelligence with least consideartion or zero focus on Emotional and Social quotinent.I personally feel that in order to excel in your professional life you need good IQ but not at the cost of EQ and SQ.
Many times we observed that a person with high IQ is woking as just as salaried employee in industry or company where his Employer or boss is one who is having high EQ and SQ…..!

👉Your EQ denotes your character and personality.

👉Your Social quotient indicates your social chariasma and social relationships.

Moral of the story is that one should continiously strive to upgrade and uplift the all the three quotient of life (EQ,IQ,SQ) with prime focus on EQ and SQ.

Why EQ and SQ……? because a person with good EQ and SQ has good ability to tackle and solve the difficult situtions and circumstances of life compared to other persons.
Now its all about IQ,EQ and SQ.

👉Now I wiil going to brainstrom and discuss about most important,indespensable and transformational quotient of life.

Can you guess what is that…?

And Can you imagine or predict what is about it…?

I hope it would be new for you.

👉Its AQ i.e. Adversity quotient.let me cite you one example.Adversity quotient is basically the measurement of how to handle and tackle or come out of any adverse or difficult sitution and circumstances of life with cool and calm attitude and behaviour.It is direct measurment of how do you tackle and manage adversities in your life with confidence.Adversity in life may be loss of near and dear ones,loss of financial support system,Any long term illiness in parents or anything which adversely affects the life.Its AQ which will decide who will come out of,tackle or fight difficult situtions and circumstancs of life and go ahead in this beautiful and meaningful journey of life without compromosing the personel,family,professional and social life.It is moral responsibility of parents,guardians,school teachers,senior citizens,policy makers and Non Governmental organization to Give exposure to children to other extra-curricular activity like physical work, sports,painting,music and project work in additon to to bookish knowledge and education.This task should be perceived by children or student as extracurricular activity,hobbey or intersesting work without being considered as punishment or instructions or homework.Let them develop,upgrade and enchance their IQ, EQ,SQ And AQ .We can also advice them different task and activity which they have to carryot independently without the help of anyone,give them an opportunity to work as human beings,moral citizens and responsible people of developing country and tommorrow.Most of educational system of World is job oriented ( bread oriented) but let’s have some focus on life oriented approach,so that we have very high moral and responsible citizens of the tomorrow. let your children decide and design their own path of life.

“You are a guest.leave this earth a little more beautiful,a little more human,a little more lovable ,a little more fragrant,for those unknown guests who will be following you”.
OSHO (Osho-Public group)

Dear friends,this is my opinion and thinking about IQ, EQ,SQ and AQ. Tell me about your opinion and thinking in comment box below.Ok friends,by for now see you in the next blog.

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Seven spiritual facts of life.


Good morning,

S❤️ven spiritual facts of life. of karma – what you saw that you will reap. In other words, “Every action in this world has equal and opposite reaction” – Newton’s second law of motion. Life is Just like an echo effect as at peak of mountain.Give best and beautiful to the world and in return you will receive the same. of destiny – No one in this world gets more or before the scheduled time as far as destiny is concerned. of change – Everything is constantly changing around you,i.e people, person, situation and circumstances.Crux of message is “Change is the rule of life and accept changes – Lord krishna ( Bhagvat Geeta) of attraction – whatever you desire and wish from subconscious mind and core of heart, it becomes reality in life. Its nothing but the ability to attract the things in our life that we wish. As someone had rightly said
“Where the intention goes energy flows”.
Our mind is just like magnet,we attract conditions and things in accord with our thoughts and energy.

5. Law of gratitude – Thank to those who helped and supported you in this beautiful and wonderful journey of life.

6.Nothing in the world is permanent, everything has it own life. In any situation and circumstances, wheather it’s good or bad ,remember one thing,
“This too will pass”,and

” Be cool and calm” of giving and receiving- world operates through dynamic law of give and take.The easiest way to get what you want in this life is to help others to get what they want.

Wish you a tranquil Thursday


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Regarding Self Control in Journey of Life.

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“The person who masters himself through self-control and discipline is truly undefeatable”.

Gautam Buddha


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The dictionary meaning of self-control is to have control over one’s feeling, emotions, reactions and behaviour to different situations, circumstances, and persons around you. It’s a way and method of regulating and modulating our attitude and reactions to external circumstances and persons. No one can make or feel you happy, unhappy or depressed except you. Many times in life it is our reaction and feedback to the external environment and conditions would determine the outcome.

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In the beautiful journey of life sometimes it is most difficult and cumbersome task to control the external situations, circumstances and persons around us. Even though we are smart and intelligent but our action and interventions don’t help to counter and improve the circumstances and people around us. The only thing that will help you to control and come out of this phase of life is “Self-control”. It will help you to take immediate command and control over the situation. It is nothing but art, skill and inner power to regulate and modulate your strong feelings of Joy, anger, emotions and behaviour.

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When we study the life history of a great saint, learned and successful people, we notice that the “self-Control” was one of the qualities in their life journey. In many adverse circumstances and situations of their life, they have exercised the power of “self-Control”. People with Good self-control excel in every sphere of life. They are successful in professional, mental, social, spiritual and other dimensions of well-being.

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There are various time tested scientific, psychological, medical and spiritual methods, technique and interventions for self-control. These are
1. Daily practice of Meditation, Pranayam (Deep breathing exercise) and Prayer may help you to have good self-control. The scientific, medical and spiritual explanation for this actions and interventions is that all these measures increase Self- Awareness. Self Awareness is nothing but knowing and informed about oneself. Because of increased self-awareness, there is good self-control over impulses, temptations, emotions and feelings. What happens, in the long run, is that there is the development of strong will power and good self-awareness which leads to good self-management.
2. Regular exercise and walk reduce the stress level and increased the oxygen supply of the brain.
3. Adequate sleep is the best antidote for stress management and clears most of the metabolic waste during sleep.
4. Know your Emotional quotient (EQ)-It is nothing but knowing your emotions and impulses.
5. Exercise the attribute and quality of patience in life.
6. We should do our best and give 100 per cent effort to improve the circumstances and persons around us but leave rest of thing to time and cosmic –consciousness. Because more we try to have control over situations, circumstances, people and persons around us, in the long run, these things have control over us. Remember one thing in life or I would like to quote the famous slot of Bhagvat Geeta “Nothing is constant in this world except change. Change is the rule of life and we must accept the changes”.
7. Lastly I would like to end the debate and discussion on self –control by the famous saying of Lao-Tzu “He who conquers others is not mighty. He who conquers himself is mighty”.
My friend by, for now, see you in the next blog, Thanks for reading the blog and sparing your precious time. Do give your comments and share this information with other friends on what’s an app, Facebook, link in and Twitter.
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Seven transformational keys of happiness (pleasure, joy and bliss)


“knowledge shared is knowledge squared”

1.According to modern neuroscience, psychology and behavioural science there are various chemicals in the brain known as neurotransmitters which are responsible for pleasure, Joy and happiness.

2.Happiness is the most beautiful and wonderful experience and state of mind, body and soul.                                                     
“There is no time to be happy than now!”. Now lets me discuss and explore individual components of happiness.

3.There are three components of happiness.They are pleasure,joy and bliss.

-Pleasure is a type of happiness where we can say that an external factor is responsible for happiness and it’s short-lived. E.g. listening 🎧 to music, reading, writing etc are examples of pleasure.

  • Joy is one where both external and internal factors are responsible for happiness. For example, listening to music is a pleasure and composing music to please other’s is joy. Reading is a pleasure for me but to please and inform other’s my writing is joy. Service to mankind and philanthropic services are a very good and nice example of joy.       
  • Bliss- It’s a state of absolute happiness and no external factor is required for happiness. For example, happiness experienced and feel after deep meditation, spiritual practices.
    Now let me discuss, explore and highlight various neurotransmitters which are responsible and required for pleasure, joy and bliss.

4.Dopamine and serotonin are important to brain chemicals which are required for pleasure.They are released during a short sensual experience like listening to your favourite music on headphone or dabbing perfume on your body or driving your car.

5.The neurotransmitters which are responsible for joy are vasopressin, prolactin and oxytocin. These chemicals are also responsible for intimacy and social bonding. The best example that can I give is “An infant in the lap of the mother” OR Reading an inspirational write up is a matter of pleasure for me but designing and composing such a piece of work is a matter of joy for me.

6.Now, this is about pleasure and joy but the story doesn’t end here. Now, I will going to highlight the highest level of happiness, i.e bliss. It is achieved after deep meditation, spiritual practices and yoga. The most important, essential and indispensable neurotransmitter for this is endorphins, GABA(Gama aminobutyric acid), endocannabinoids.
Now I will go to discuss and highlight specific actions and activities through which these chemicals are modulated and secreted in our body.

7.Whenever you do light exercise like walking, running, Gymnasium, swimming or aerobics there is the release of a chemical known as BDNF ( Brain-derived neurotrophic factors). BDNF promotes neuronal regeneration. Exercise during morning hours also reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol.
Next important chemical which is essential for good and sound sleep is melatonin.Today in this world of internet revolution we people are using our cellular phone till late night while chatting on various social networking sites. Scientific research and publication in various scientific journals now confirm and proves that such usage of technology before sleep hour reduces the secretion of melatonin due emission of blue light from our devices. Recommendation and possible actions – in your mobile setting just change the emission of blue light after 8:00 pm,
Digital detox or no focus on traffic university after a certain time ( Decide and design the strategy according to your feasibility).

Various activities and task that we can inculcate in our life to regulate and modulate the transmission of these neurotransmitters are following.

-Do regular exercise, practice pranayam( deep breathing exercise),meditation on a daily basis.

-Help people by whatever means you can.

-Practice Gratitude as soon as you get up in early morning hours( Gratitude means thanking God, people and situations around you which help you to reach the present destination)

-Reading a book or autobiography of learned and successful people which help you to boost your morale.

“Reading of all good book is like talking with the finest man of the centuries” – Rene Descartes

-Learn new skills and cultivate your hobby

This is my opinion and thinking about happiness, pleasure, joy and bliss in this beautiful and wonderful journey of life. Can you tell me what’s your opinion and thinking about it…?

Ok bye for now and Have a nice day ahead 🌹🌹🌹

Dr Prakash ❤

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Regarding the achievement of my department

Dear readers, I am pleased to inform you that my department has been selected as “Star of the month” for our work in Covid 19 pandemic.


“My mother said to me,”If you are soldier,you will become a General.If you are a monk,you will become the pope”. Instead,I was a painter,and become Picasso”.- Pablo Picasso


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Seven Inspirational Gems to transform your life


S❤️ven tips to transform your life.👍

1.80 % of people are not interested in your problems and the remaining 20 % is so much happy that you are in problem.
2. Only success is rewarded in this world and not efforts.
3. In any situation, Do your best because the ” best philosophy of the world is the philosophy of performance”
4. Take a calculated risk, “Because the biggest risk in a person’s life is that person not taking the risk”
5. Impossible itself says I am (m) possible.Believe in positive and optimistic thinking but at the same time be rational with your situation and circumstances and take decisions accordingly.
6. Nothing is constant in this world except change. Change is the rule of life and accepts changes.. . Bhagwat Geeta
7.”Be the change that you want to see” – Mahatma Gandhi

Exemplify yourself,rather than preaching others.

Have a nice day 🌹🌹🌹


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