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This article covers an aspect of Mental health-characteristics of mentally healthy person, causes of mental illness and its prevention and control.

What is view of laymen regarding mental illness?

Is assessment of mental health is necessary ?

Mental illness occur because of Change in the level of neurotransmitter

what are characteristics of mentally health person..?

When individual has perfect state of balance with surrounding environment
Harmonious relations with others
Intelligence,memory,learning capacity
Judgment are normal
Not having internal conflicts
Accept criticisms positively
Good self emotional control

Mental heath behavior of an individual is assessed by his attitude and behavior by
Psychiatrist/Psychologist/medical social workers

Types of mental disorders

1 .Mental deficiency or mental retardation
2.Behavioral disorders โ€“common among children e.g. lying,stealing,aggressiveness,bed wetting
Mental diseases
3.Psychosomatic disorders

Types of Mental diseases

1.Acute brain disorder- delirium,alchol intoxication
2.Chronic brain disorder-senile dementia (Alzheimer’s disease)

A.Psychotic disorders
1.Psychoses-insane and out of touch with reality
a.Schizpphrenia(split personality)
b.Manic depressive syndrome
c. Paranoia

Types of mental illness(cont.)

B.Neurotic disorder (Psychoneuroses)-normal person but unable to react normally to life situations. patients exhibit peculiar symptoms such as morbid fears, compulsions and obsession. They are characterized by anxiety which may be overt or sub conscious. Hysteria
Personality disorders-developmental defects

Psychosomatic disorders

These are the disease with physical manifestations, having psychological factors as underlying cause.e.g.
Thyrotoxicosis,hypertension,coronary heart disease, duodenal ulcer, Rheumatoid arthritis

Most common types of presentation reported in hospitals

Mania- unipolar and bipolar
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Drug addictation

Causative factors

Peer group
Drug addiction
Prevention and control of mental illness

Primary prevention
The aim of primary prevention is to reduce the incidence of new cases of mental disorders
To promote positive mental health practices in the community
Strategies- educational, nutritional and social

Universal iodization programme
Industrial safety measures-lead and mercury poisoning.
Early diagnosis and treatment of condition like hypertension,syphills,diabetes will prevent mental defects in offspring
Prevention of infection like rubella,syphills,encephaliteis
Nutritional deficiency-pellagra, beri beri and anemia

Early diagnosis and treatment of genetic disease like phenyl ketonuria,hypothyroidism, and hydrocephalus.
Other general measures like security,affection,love especially among children are good housing, child placement services (like adoption, foster homes, orphanages etc) other measures include welfare services for refuges,distaters survivors etc

Miscellaneous measures

Personality development measures-like disciplined environment at home and at school.scout,NCC,etc foster team spirits and good personality and also helps in adjusting to adverse situations
High school children are made aware of the dangers of alchol,smoking and drug abuse.
Youth welfare services-adult responsibilities.
Social welfare measures- poverty, ignorance and illiteracy
Avoiding late marriage and consiginious marriage
Legal measures- salt,alcohol,ban on sale of psycho-active drugs

Secondary prevention

Early diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders through screening procedure in susceptible and vulnerable population like children, industrial workers etc
Family based heath services
Treatment through specific drug therapy, general measures and ECT.

Tertiary prevention

Aim is to reduce the duration of mental illness
To minimize disability and to rehabilitate the patient the patient as an useful member to family and community at large.

Day care programs
Half way homes
Self help group-the are the groups of parents having mentally retarded children. They share their problems among the co parents and resolve the problem by formation of welfare association, special schools or training centers for mentally retarded children.
Family service programs
Industrial training centers

Teamwork, Group work, family support, meditation and pranayama, vocational training and rehabilitation in family

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Losers are those whose words are bigger than actions. Winners are those whose actions are bigger than words.Good morning โ˜€๏ธHave a blessed day

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“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature should not be broken”- leo Tolstoy

Dear friends,this is the short video prepared by me near village Navagam, district Sabarkantha, Gujarat, india.Just go through natural site,scenary and humming of birds in lap of nature.

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“Be the change,that you want to see”- Mahatma Gandhi

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It means that exemplify yourself rather than preaching others.

It means set an example.

It means if you want to convey, suggest or recommend anything to people than first of all you should have implemented and executed that particular task and thing in your life.

It is very strong message.

It is very powerful message.

It’s also highly inspirational and motivational message of my life.

Let’s discuss its application in real and practical life.

It’s applicable in making our surroundings neat and clean.

It’s applicable in making our environment clean and free from pollution.

It’s applicable in preventing discrimination in our life to any person on the basis of sex, caste,race, religion, ethnic pride and colour.

Last but not least in the present scenario of COVID-19, kindly wear mask and Practice social distancing.

Lessons from Mahatma Gandhi’s life are greatest source of inspiration, motivation and self help to many well known personality,Prime minister’s, President’s, Professional writer, Professional speaker’s,etc.

And last but not least Mahatma Gandhi’s life is strongest message to common men. They are eternal, timeless concepts and keys of transforming one’s life.

According to me “It’s simple living and High thinking”

Ok friends,by for now a make a Great Day Ahead.

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