I would like to work on following burning Global issues.

1.Initiating Piece processes between different countries and disputed territories. 2.Global Nuclear disarment . 3.Global warming. 4.Actions against terrorism. 5.Actions against Child labour. 6.Working regarding rights of labourers. 7.Addressing issue of Gender discrimination, racial, ethnic and caste discrimination.Anything that is touching the issue of deprived section of society 8.Promoting acculturation and cultural contacts between countries andContinue reading “I would like to work on following burning Global issues.”

Short thought on Action

#actions, #behaviour What people say with words is important but what people say with action and behavior is “importanter”(intentional typo). People often show you the real feelings or intentions by the quality and quantity of effort they make. Their behavior is the language that speaks to us without any words.So, what you choose to beliveContinue reading “Short thought on Action”